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Hi there!

I just thought I needed to do another photo dump to update you all on our life. Because I know you are just stalking the interwebs looking for any and every update on my family (har har har).

Thanksgiving week was wonderful. I had so much help with the girls and I had family in town. My sister in law Kelly held Little Miss every time she started crying, and my brother probably did the dishes 10 times. That’s 10 times that I didn’t have to do them!! Anyways, after that dream of a week the last week has been a little bit harder to adjust to. We had to planned visits for Little Miss that just didn’t happen, and I always find myself reeling after that happens. It’s like…if I expect the visit to not happen, then they do and I’m all thrown off. If I expect them to happen, they don’t…and I’m even more thrown off. The past week I was having a particularly rough time of it. I was actually really looking forward to dropping Little Miss off at her visit because then I was going to take 2 whole hours to just sit in a restaurant and enjoy ME time with a good book and maybe even catch up on some blogging. Well, of course Mom didn’t show and there I was bawling my eyes out because I didn’t get the me time that I was so desperately looking forward to.  Selfish? yes. But hey…that’s life lately for ya.

We have also loved taking pictures with my new camera! We are figuring each other out, and I’m still learning!

Here is Moose. Little Miss is actually laying on top of him and screaming her little lungs out.



Moose takes every chance he can get to escape outside (see above situation). On this particular day, it was frigid outside and he realized his mistake as soon as the door closed behind him. So he came to the window and was begging to be let in…to Tera’s great delight!


Living in a remodel means that sometimes things take a while to finish. We moved into this house a year ago, and I am finally almost ready to post pictures of the before and after of this playroom/office! Stay tuned!


Someone turned 3 months old! We are so proud of her for how well she is hitting developmental milestones and seems to be tracking right on track! She has certainly bonded with us and the crying is getting less..although she still cries often. I honestly feel like she has been with us for years! The foster care learning curve is steep, and these past 2.5 months have been really difficult for me. Difficult, but so, so refining.


I just love this picture of Tera looking up at Theo. He was eating a Hershey kiss, and she really, really, really wanted some.


My girl <3


Theo is giving Little Miss a bath, and Tera is looking on. Notice she is also holding one of Little Miss’ bottles. She wants so badly to help with every little thing we do for Little Miss, but it’s kind of hard when she is only 16 months old! She does hand me the bottle, get a clean diaper, hand me wipes, and sometimes she can put the paci in Little Miss’ mouth (but she takes it out just as often lol!)


Tera and I ran some errands and ended up stopping at the pet store because they had some cats in the window. Tera also wanted to look at the hamsters and the birdies. She stood there for at lest 10 minutes just watching the birds.


Tera also loves to use the baby equipment…both for her doll and herself!


Tera’s mind is just exploding with knowledge. She has started to say more words and can clearly understand what we are saying to her. Her latest is figuring out nose, ears, eyes, and BELLY BUTTON! Here she is after I said, “Where’s your belly button??!”


Tera loves playing with her baby doll. She calls her baby all day long. She takes wipes out of the wipe container and wipes the doll off. She tried to put Little Miss’ headband and PJ’s on her doll. She tries to swaddle her, and will always put her doll in the bouncy seat or the carseat.


This past week has been rough! This was me on one of the nights that Theo was at work. Literally thinking “someone please save me. Please”.


We woke up the first snow!!!


Looking at the snow with her alfalfa sprout.


I took her outside, and she really couldn’t have cared less about the snow or about the cold. She was more interested in climbing up and down the steps and chasing Moose.


Happy girl!


We attempted to make salt dough ornaments with the girls. I wanted some to send to Grandparents and give to Little Miss’ birth Mom. I also wanted some to keep for myself/for future years to look back on.


Theo did Little Miss’ without a problem. Tera was a completely different story. When we tried to do her hands, she just scrunched it up and grabbed the ball of dough and screamed bloody murder. Like…worse screaming than when she gets her shots at the peds. So we switched to trying her foot…

Yeah, that went well. We did get her foot and her hands, but it wasn’t as easy as those Pinterest Mom’s make it look…


We then tried Moose’s paw. No trouble.


Tera put dolly in here all by herself!


This morning, Tera got ahold of Theo’s keys and took them to the door to “unlock” it.


You know a toddler lives in your house when…


That’s all for now!

I hope you all have had a great week, and have a great upcoming week!!

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