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One of my favorite things to do in the summers is go to street fairs. There is something about the energy and the vibrance of life and creativity that just makes me feel so…satisfied.

One of the biggest and best street fairs in our area is the Yellow Spring Street Fair. It happens twice a year and it is the street fair of all street fairs.

One thing I do at street fairs is collect business cards. I usually snatch up the business card, and then move on, later contacting the owner and approaching them about a shop feature. The Yellow Springs Street Fair is just bursting with local artists who have AMAZING work.

As soon as I glimpsed Jen’s booth from down the crowded street, I knew I had my sights set on her for this shop feature! I was a little hesitant at first- I mean, her stuff seemed REALLY good…like, really, really good…way out of my league.

But I approached her and was pleasantly surprised to find that she was the kindest person, and her art is amazing. Not only is it amazing, but each and every piece has a story and is made with different types of media. This girl is TALENTED, ya’ll.

Now, another thing that I thought when I saw her work is that is must be way out of my price range. But I was even more pleasantly surprised to find that her pieces are incredibly affordable!!!

But I want her to be able to tell her all about it herself…

Jen Float // Gallery Girl




After owning an art gallery in Yellow Springs, Oh and teaching art to adults, children, and in the schools, Jennifer Float decided to pursue art as a full time job just over 5 years ago.  Right now she spends most of her time creating at her studio out of her home in Marysville, Ohio, where she lives with her husband, Joe, dog, Parker, and a cat named Tommy.  The other part of her time traveling to art shows.  Inspiration for Jenny’s paintings comes from the things she loves.  Childhood inspiration, family, friends, nature, pets, holidays and home.  She incorporates vintage papers, sheet music and fabric into her paintings to give each one a soul.  Each painting has a story to tell, which you can see as many of the paintings share inspirational quotes.  
Here is some of my work:
I sell a lot of my artwork off of my Facebook page…
you can view art shows and current work there as well.
As with most artists and small business owners, I would be glad to take custom orders and custom quotes!
Any reader can contact me with the word “Glorious”, through Dec 15 for a 20% discount.


Thanks so much, Jen!

I really hope you guys take advantage of that discount. These paintings are just SO FUN and would go perfectly in any kids rooms, offices, living rooms…anywhere, really!! Have fun shopping! And make sure that you give her a like on Facebook!

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