Person of Significance “A” (Pt. 1)

I hope I am not overwhelming my readers with new series’, but I have just ONE more weekly post that I will be doing in this New Year. I actually took this idea from a Facebook friend who was choosing one significant person in her life for each letter of the alphabet and posting something kind and sweet about them.

At the beginning of the year, I sat down and really evaluated my blog. It takes me a significant amount of time, and it is not where I wanted it to be considering the amount of work that I put into it. I have two young children, a home and a husband, and I’ve seriously thought about not continuing with my blog any longer. However, Theo reminded me that while it does take a lot of time, it is also my hobby and my outlet. I ENJOY blogging and writing and sharing and creating in this web space. We agreed that if it becomes not fun, I will quit. I also added another goal to my blogging goals: to make my blog a blessing. If it’s not blessing people, then it’s not worth it.

These two ideas combined led me to do a featured person. I want to give back, to honor those who have poured a significant amount into my life. I’m going to go through the alphabet and highlight one (or several) people from each letter of the alphabet. Now, I do have a couple disclaimers: I will have more than one person on certain letters (A for example), and I will have super stupid/creative answers for some letters (X, for example!). Just bear with me. A second thing to note is that I really don’t want you to get offended if you are not featured! If your name starts with “T”, for example…you are out of luck. My best friend, my husband and my daughter all have names starting with T! 😉


In case you are just hopping over to this blog, it is indeed true that I can be long-winded. But without further ado, I will begin my Featured Person Series, starting with the letter “A” and my two friends who both happen to be named Abbie/Abby!

This is Abbie. Freshmen year threw us together, and nothing after that has kept us apart! Abbie is level-headed, organized and one of the best listeners I have every met.

She loves the winter almost as much as I hate it, but I love her for that. It gives me a different perspective. On cold winter days I think to myself, “Abbie must be loving this weather!”

We spent a lot of time together our freshman year of college. That was the year that I met and started dating Theo, and Abbie was always a listening ear and full of really good advice. We had so many laughs and she made my transition from African missionary kid to American so much easier.

Abbie was also in my wedding and did such a faithful job of standing with me on the most important day of my life. She has also been faithful after the wedding in encouraging and challenging me in my marriage. Even though we now live far apart, I am always blessed by the times that I get to catch up with her.

Abbie came to visit a few weeks after Tera was born. It is so strange, awesome and surreal to introduce my baby to my friends. It’s like a clash of worlds!

Abbie, I love you and I am grateful for the role of significance you have played in my life. You are such a sweet, genuine and honest friend. I am so proud of where the ups and downs of life has brought you, and I cannot wait to see what God has planned for you next!!!


This is Abby. We met through a random series of events, and even randomer series of events have kept us friends! Abby actually went to elementary school with Theo for a while, and when she arrived at Cedarville my sophomore year I was a little bit nervous to meet her! Imagine my surprise (and slight intimidation) when I found out that she had signed up to be in my discipleship group! No pressure, right? Well, alls well that ended well, because we developed an amazing friendship through that group! The next year, she stepped up to lead her own discipleship group while I was the leader for our leader group. And the year after that I got to light her candle and “initiate” her into Discipleship Council. As if that isn’t enough for a connection/friendship, she decided to spend her student teaching semester in my favorite place in the entire world: Niger, West Africa. I said goodbye to her and warned her that her life would never be the same, and indeed I was right. I was always slightly jealous of her pictures from Niger, especially the ones that also had my parents in it! And it was SO strange to hear her calling my former teachers “Mikki” and “Nancy”. It only made sense since she was their co-worker!



Abby is as real as they get. She does not have a dishonest bone in her body and she works so hard for everything. She is a HUGE encourager and you cannot be in her presence without feeling encouraged. She loves to ask deep questions and have those conversations that not many other people will have with you. She is incredibly intentional about keeping her relationships intact, and I’m so thankful for that about her.

I am beyond thrilled to be in her wedding this upcoming June and I cannot wait to see where God takes her marriage!!!!

Abby, continue being a blessing, an encourager, an intentional friend. You are an incredible woman of God and I cannot wait to see the plans he has in store for you and Stephan!!

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