Did you know that I married into a crazy family???

Well, I did.

Because as of 11:45 am today, my father-in-law has announced his candidacy for Governor of Michigan!

Today was the official announcement and press release, the website is up and running and the phone line will be connected shortly.

I wanted to write a little blog post about it because not only am I so proud of my father in law, but I also wanted to make sure that my Michigan followers are up to date on their politics! The governor will not be elected until 2018, so Dad will be working on his campaign until then.

If you live in Michigan, of course I want you to go out there and support Dad and vote for him, but I honestly hope that even before doing that, you do your research, understand the political situation and make an informed decisions. Please feel free to shoot me an email or leave a comment if you would like a more direct way to ask political questions or help out on this campaign!

We are excited and we are proud of Dad!


Here is the information for you to follow his campaign:

Website (10 points for the first person to find me on there!)

Blog: Hines4Michigan

Facebook page: Jim Hines

Twitter: @Hines4Michigan


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