Book Review: Grief Light

I originally wrote this post without my personal story included. I felt a little bit like “an outsider” while reading this book. Many of you probably remember a few months ago when I reviews the book Grief: A Mother’s Unwanted Journey. I picked that book from BookLook Bloggers because I have not had a grief journey, but I wanted to be able to understand a little bit more about those who do go through that journey. I reviewed the book here, and my conclusions were this: that anyone who has a friend going through a grief journey should read it. I did caution anyone who is going through their own grief journey to NOT read it unless they feel like they have reached a place of healing. It was very detailed and was like looking into an open window of grief. To me, it was a very powerful book.

After posting that review, I was contacted about doing a reviewing for the book Grief Light by Julie Yarbrough. At first, I was thrilled…but then I realized that I was in no way qualified to read and review a book that I knew nothing about. I responded to the email and explained my situation and they still wanted me to review the book. So this is my opinion on the book Grief Light by Julie Yarbrough. Please remember that while I am being honest and unbiased, I have also not traveled my own grief journey yet. If you have any questions or comments about the book, you can contact Julie directly by visiting her website Beyond the Broken Heart .

Julie writes this book from her perspective of grief: losing her husband, her father and her mother all within several years. Julie tells her story throughout the book and laces each chapter with Scripture, advice and experience.

Unlike other books on grief I have read, this book was not painful to read. Julie does not simply write her memoir and take her readers along for a glimpse into the journey. Instead, she writes short chapters with tidbits of information from how to cope with grief, Scriptures to read, ways to deal with rude people, how to find help and counseling and many other practical tips.

This book is not, however, a “self-help” book. Julie does not write this book with the intention to help you arrive at the end of your grief. Throughout the book she details how grief is a journey and some days are harder than others. This book is written with compassion, with hope and with a focus on the Lord and his Scripture.

This book would make a great devotional for someone who is currently struggling on their grief journey. Each chapter is short and does not need to be read in relation to the previous chapters. Instead, the reader can sit down and soak up what they need to hear at that time in their grief journey. Although I found the intended audience to be adults who have lost spouses or parents, I think that any person struggling with grief would benefit from this book.

I would highly recommend this book to someone who is currently on a grief journey. The short chapters are easy to take in without feeling overwhelmed. It also doesn’t feel like you are reading and constantly dwelling on your grief, but rather focusing on one day at a time.

Julie Yarbrough and her team have graciously donated two copies of the book for me to give away. If you or someone you know think that you would benefit from Grief Light, please comment below. I will select two people at random to send a copy of this book to. You can also order your own copy on Amazon by following this link.


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