New Life


Blog? What is a blog? The Glorious Mundane? What is that?

Where have I been? Why have I dropped off the face of this earth/website?

Let’s see if this little graphic will give you a big hint…


That’s right! We are pregnant!!!!


Say what???

You heard me…we are adding another one to the crazy!


Tera was born August 2014, Little Miss was born September 2015, and this little one is due October 2016!

I thought I’d just take some time real quick to answer some FAQ’s I’ve been getting about this pregnancy.

Was it planned?

None of your business. Seriously, don’t ask a pregnant woman this. If it was planned, great. If it wasn’t, then that question can send her on a roller coaster of emotion. But since I’m me and I’m rarely keep things secret, yes, it was planned. Of course, we thought we knew the plan in regards to Little Miss and therefore “planned” this pregnancy, but it turns out we actually didn’t know the plan and now we are here.

Whether this child was our plan or not necessarily our plan, we know for sure that God is weaving it’s life together in my womb. And for that we are thankful. His works are wonderful, we know that full well.


How far along are you? When are you due?

I’m 10 weeks along now. I’m due mid October. According to the Dr., my due date is officially the 22nd of October, but based on my own knowledge I think I’m due on the 19th. A few days really doesn’t make much of a difference, and when it’s the 2nd/3rd child, I am finding it hard to keep track of dates anyways! Haha!


Fancy chalkboards? Not this time around. You will be lucky if you get any photographic evidence at all! Haha!

Why are you announcing so early? You aren’t even past the first trimester!

Well, I think this is a personal preference. I really loved my sister in laws perspective on this, especially coming from someone who has had a miscarriage and still choose to announce her pregnancy “early” on. This pregnancy is a joy and we want to share that joy. I always talk about how I share my life unfiltered here on the blog and on social media. Since this pregnancy is now a part of my life, we are glad to be sharing it- both the joys and the not-so-joys! I’m always an open book and I’m not going to apologize about that. It’s a strength of mine, and I know it can also be seen as a downfall, but it is what it is.

I know that if we were to miscarry this little one, that I would probably be sharing that with you all, anyways, so you might as well come along on the journey…join us in praying for a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby!

I also wanted to share sooner rather than later because of how incredibly sick I’ve been. But more on that later…


How are you feeling?

Like death.

With Tera, I was hardly sick at all. I was *slightly* nauseous from weeks 6-10, but nothing that was unbearable. This time…it’s been bad. I’ve been laying on the couch for about four weeks now and Theo and I are just barely keeping the kids alive and the house running. Being pregnant with two kids who are both very hands-on and rather needy is challenging, to say the least. One reason that we have chosen to announce so “early” is because I’ve been unable to perform basic life tasks and it’s starting to become obvious that I’ve dropped off the face of the earth. I’ve also had to humbly go to people and ask for help, as Theo’s 24 hr shifts are incredibly difficult for me.

Theo and I are feeling discouraged by the sheer exhaustion and difficulty of it, and we are hoping and praying that we near the end of the sick stage soon! My poor husband and children need some home cooked meals and some clean-swept floors and some clean laundry back in their life!

I know that sickness early on often means a healthy baby, and for that we are thankful. We have had one appointment and everything looks great. We are thankful for a strong and healthy heartbeat and that my body is willing to put so much work into growing a little human.


What about foster care/Little Miss?

Well, glad you asked. Little Miss had big plans to leave our home and move onto the next, but literally overnight it seems like those plans have changed. We were told that she would probably be leaving sometime the end of this month, but with our last meeting with the social worker it sounded like it was literally all up in the air. We have to await an important hearing to determine first WHO will be taking her, and then the timeline will go from there. The longest we will have her will probably be until September. It is not likely she will be with us that long, and something could come up that brings that date up even more. Vague, much? Yes, I know, but it’s all very confidential and personal and private and frankly, a big mess at this moment. I’m sure all parties involved would appreciate your prayers.

As far as taking other placements, we are still going to keep our license. We actually turned down another placement just last week because of how sick I have been the last few weeks. Other than the sickness surrounding this pregnancy, we felt that we were both ready for another placement. Of course, we will keep in mind the transitioning that our family will be doing in October, but whether Little Miss leaves or not we are still open to other foster care placements.


We are thankful for the new life that God has granted us!



  1. Beth says:

    Congratulations! Very exciting news indeed and I love the little wooden dolls that you used to make your announcement! Sure hope you feel better soon.

  2. Richelle Wright says:

    Congrats! Such exciting news! Will pray that the sick phase passes soon.

    I always tell people that none of ours were planned… we still get asked. 🙂 It is just fun to see the look on their faces.

  3. Nancy says:

    I forgot on Sunday to ask you to tell me about the wooden dolls! And I love the way you used the budding spring trees with your new life blossoming within you. Great idea!

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