Person of Significance: “I”

I’m trying to jump back into the habit of blogging, and I thought I’d ease into it with some of the series’ I’ve been posting on my blog. I skipped several weeks and am a little behind in my people of significance, but I plan to be back on track soon!

Today’s letter is “I” and my person of significance is my in-laws.

We’ve all heard the horror stories. In-laws can be bad. In-laws can wreak havoc on a marriage, a relationship or even a family. We’ve all heard about strange things that in-laws have done or said.

Well, I sure did luck out in the in-laws department! Don’t get me wrong, my in-laws are so very different from my own parents. And I have had to adjust to a new family and a different way of doing certain things, but I’ve learned that this is a good thing, not a negative one.

My in-laws are powerhouses. I am always amazed at how many people they interact with on a daily basis, and how many lives they touch throughout their daily activities. These two are some of the most active people I have ever met! They are “people persons” to the core, and they pour into the lives of those around them- whether at work, at church, at home or in their social circles. They are not just social and popular, though…they both have true servants hearts. I mean, they serve everyone and anyone around them. All the time. No matter who you are.

They are also very professional parents and grandparents. I mean…look at this crew (missing Ethan and Kindrea and co):

My MIL (or FIL) is the person I call when I need some advice on what to do with Tera, either physically or behaviorally. Not only do they have a ton of experience, but they are also both in the medical field. Having this in the family has been incredibly valuable, as I would probably be the panicked Mom showing up in the ER for a small cut or low-grade fever. Instead, I just call my in-laws and am usually given some super great tips and a whole lot of comfort!

I also have to add here that Mom Hines is the absolute best finger-nail cutter. I have never met another like her! When we get together for family reunions, all us parents line up our children for finger nail cutting! She holds them on her lap, sings to them, and clips those little fingernails and toenails with the finesse of a professional! Whenever I notice my kids nails getting long, before I trim them myself, I always ask myself first when I will be seeing Mom Hines next. A few days? Those fingernails can totally wait! A few weeks…eh, I GUESS I’ll do it myself.

One of my favorite times is when my MIL comes and stays after a baby is born. She came a few weeks after Tera was born and was such a help to me. I was already pretty much completely back on my feet, but it was so nice having a companion and an extra set of hands to help me with Tera. This picture was taken when she was here and we went to a local festival. It’s one of my favorite pictures.


One thing that has always impressed me about my in-laws is how there is always an open seat at their table and an open door policy in their home. Even when I first visited when Theo and I were dating, there were always “guests” who were treated like family. I also grew up with a similar model, and seeing this has helped Theo and I to understand hospitality and the importance of it. That is just one of many good examples that my in-laws have set for us!

I’m so thankful for the family that I married into. Sometimes they seem really loud and I will admit that I get overwhelmed sometimes by all the people, but I know I’ve got it good. I am thankful that my in-laws are such godly leaders and such servant-hearted examples. I am thankful that they raised my husband to be such a loving, generous and man full of integrity. They are doting and loving Grandparents and that means the world to me! I love to see my kids being loved on.

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