12 Weeks (Pregnancy #2)

I finalllly hit 12 weeks! Almost done with the second trimester! And I’m showing! Like, really showing. Or maybe I’m in that weird stage of whether or not I’m actually pregnant or just ate a little bit too much.


How Far Along: 12 weeks

Size of Baby:  Baby is the size of a lime and has all his/her fingers and toes! Baby can feel me poke my belly now, and according to BabyCenter will often poke back, although it’s still too early to feel.

Total Weight Gain: -1 pounds

Appointment: I had my 12 week appointment this week. I love reading these pregnancy updates from other Moms, but I especially love hearing things that aren’t just the typical things. I went to the appointment by myself, since we decided that me going by myself would actually probably be easier than both of us going with two kids in tow (I’m dreading the day that will come that I will have to take both girls to my appointment). I talked over a bunch of different things with the nurse, and she asked me the all-important genetic testing question. I know that genetic testing is available and for some, it’s incredibly helpful and even required by the doctor. However, Theo and I have decided to decline genetic testing at this point. The only benefit that it would be to us is for knowledge and preparation if something were wrong. However, most of the genetic testing will merely show if I am a carrier, or if the child COULD have a genetic abnormality. I’m a worrier, and finding out a “could” would probably be more nerve-wracking to me than simply finding out later on in the pregnancy. Theo and I also have strong views on the sanctity of life, and would not consider terminating the pregnancy for a genetic abnormality reason. I know a lot of people have decided to start doing the genetic testing so that they can find out the gender as early as 12 weeks. While it would be really cool to know this early, I also don’t think it’s worth all the testing just to get that result.

Please know that these are my opinions, and this is what works for my family. The facts of my pregnancy are that I have had one very healthy pregnancy already, and there are so far no concerns for this one. However, I do understand that if you have not had the same experience, genetic testing may be comforting to you. I am in no way saying that genetic testing is wrong, nor am I against it at all. Theo and I have just chosen to decline at this point.

The OB practice that I go to is a team of OB’s and certified nurse midwives. They tend to take a more natural approach towards pregnancy and delivery, and they are the only team of doctors in the area who will deliver at Family Beginnings (the birth center). Because of their more natural approach, they do as few ultrasounds as possible. I had one initial dating ultrasound at 8 weeks, and I will have the 20 week anatomy scan, but that will be it for the entire pregnancy! At each appointment, the midwife or OB will listen to the heartbeat with handheld Doppler. If at any point, they are concerned, they will do an ultrasound. I love having the most non-invasive approach to pregnancy and childbirth, but also having the option of intervention should a problem arise. There is much debate between the homebirth world and the medical/hospital world, and I sit contentedly in between. I briefly considered a homebirth, especially after how smooth and “textbook” Tera’s birth was, but I have decided that I want to go back to family beginnings, simply because it is where I feel most comfortable. I can have a natural, home-like birth….but right down the hall is the OR and the marvels of modern medicine should anything go wrong at any time.

At my appointment on Thursday, I had a medical student in the room doing the entire appointment. She went through her list of questions and then pulled out the Doppler. She placed it on me…and nothing. She moved it all around….nothing. I was trying my hardest not to panic, and I told myself I could only freak out if the midwife herself could not find the heartbeat. It felt like hours, but I’m sure it was only a minute when she finally found a heartbeat. I breathed a sigh of relief until she said, “Ok, that’s your heartbeat.” Back to panic mode. Finally, she found the baby heartbeat and we both smiled really big. Scary moment, but the heart is beating nice and steady at 160.

Sleep: It’s been a busy week, but I’m so thankful that we are over the stomach bug! I have been busy this week preparing for family to return from Africa, and Little Miss has been a horrible night sleeper. She will wake up at least 2 times in the night, oftentimes three times. This weekend, Little Miss has visitation and Theo and I are missing her but enjoying getting to sleep through the night and take naps when Tera is napping.


What I miss: I miss going all day without nausea. I miss working out and I miss warm weather!

Food Cravings: I have actually started to get my appetite back! Yayyyy! So far I haven’t had any “cravings”, but I do tend to want to eat whatever I see pictures of. I saw someone post a picture of homemade pizza night and now I’ve gotta have homemade pizza. I looked through a Cooking Light magazine and suddenly I have a major hankering for the things that I see in there! For some reason, every time I think of our venison meat in the freezer, my mouth waters. Which is weird, because I actually watched the deer die and be butchered. Seems like that would really gross me out.

Food Aversions: Yoghurt. The smell of my fridge when I open it. Leftovers in said fridge.

How I’m Feeling: I think I’m on the upswing! I usually feel great in the morning, then hit a slump in the afternoon, then my worst time is after dinner/evening. I’m still taking prescription meds for the nausea, but I’ve been able to half my dose. I’ve started to ache in my hips, and I am certainly growing a baby bump!

And here’s a little outtake from my pictures to show you all how I really am feeling. I look exhausted, I look like I’ve put on a lot of weight (I’m still down), and I don’t have any glow or glamour. I might pick the best pictures to share, but I will also share these non-glamour ones, too! Lol.


What I’m Looking Forward To: Can Spring just get here already??

Best Moment this Week:

To say that last week was rough would be an understatement. So on Monday, Theo took the time to give me a day off. I got a haircut and a pedicure, I didn’t have to change a single diaper, and Theo made dinner (venison steaks and rice, so good!!). It was so wonderful and just what I needed.

Another highlight of the week was welcoming Ethan and Kindrea home from Africa!!

Worst Moment This week: That moment when the dr. couldn’t find the heartbeat. And the way I felt on Friday evening after all our family members had left our house. I loved, loved, loved having family here…SO MUCH. But I totally overdid it and my body let me know.

Exercise This Week: I fail. I need to get on this. I’m just hoping and praying and hoping and praying that the weather will actually warm up. I think I’d be afraid to go to the gym and then have to barf…where would I barf? How many people would see? What if I have to barf and poop at the same time and the bathroom is all the way down a long hall AND it’s public. No thank you. I’d rather gain 100 pounds.

Not really…I know I need to work out and I’m hoping this next week will be the week that I get outside for some walk/jogs AND head to the gym for some group exercise classes. Here’s to hoping! And if you want to send me a little motivational text that would be FAB.


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