16 weeks (Pregnancy #2)

I was 16 weeks on May 7th, so this is way overdue. I never got around to taking pictures, so I never published this post, but I’m working through the drafts folder on my blog and realized I never published it!


How Far Along: 16 weeks!

Size of Baby: Baby is the size of an avocado this week. We are gearing up for a huge growth spurt soon, so the development of baby is really taking off!

Weight Gain: 2 pounds!

Symptoms/How I’m Feeling: I’m finally able to go longer stretches without the meds! YES! I seem to have my normal energy levels back, which is also fabulous. I’m still nauseous in the evenings, which is a total bummer. I’ve been getting some headaches and I’m not sure why, but so far they aren’t such a horrible symptom.

I’m pretty positive I’m feeling movement now! It’s only when I’m lying down, letting my body relax and I’m loving it!

Also, my hair is getting long and luscious! Yay, a positive side effect!!

Now that I can see and feel this little one, I’m starting to feel much more attached to this baby and invested in this pregnancy.

Appointments: This week was our appointment! Everything looks great, and the heartbeat is beating steady at the 150s! We also got to schedule our 20 week anatomy scan (when we find out the gender) for June 6th!

The appointment was mostly fabulous because I had the brilliant idea of asking one of my friends to babysit the girls while Theo and I went together. She graciously agreed and I am SO thankful. We had our short checkup appointment and then went downstairs to a lab to get blood drawn. We then went out for lunch just the two of us!

And Shannon totally worked her magic on our children. Little Miss took a three hour nap (what? UNHEARD of!), and Tera learned how to bowl while I was gone. She now sets up all her pins and tries to throw the ball in the correct general direction. She hits a pin about 1% of the time, but thinks its the most fun thing in the world to throw the ball. Haha.

Sleep: This week started out ROUGH, man. Little Miss was up ALL night Sunday night. Theo worked, so I literally sat in the rocking chair for hours just rocking her. On Monday when Theo got home from work he stuck his finger in her mouth and lo and behold, we had stayed up all night to cut a tooth. She did much better the rest of the week, and the past two nights she has slept alllmost all night, with her first wake-up between 4:30 ad 5:00 am. Trust me, that is a huge improvement and is allowing me to get more sleep at night! Wooohooooo!!!

What I Miss: This week, I’m doing well! Not really missing too much.

What I’m Looking Forward To: Next week Theo and I are taking a vacation..without kids! This will be the FIRST time since Tera was born that we have had more than a few hours without kids. I’m really looking forward to it, although I’m trying to figure out how I will manage to be without my kids for a whole week.

Food Cravings: Carrots…if you are what you eat, this baby is a carrot. Baby carrots with Thousand Island dressing, to be more specific. If this baby is born with a superpower, it will be incredible eyesight from all the carrots I keep eating! Anything I eat needs to have TONS of flavor. Not spicy, necessarily, but flavor!

Food Aversions: Still can’t eat yogurt, I usually get hit with the worst of my nausea around 6 pm, so I often have a hard time eating dinner (no matter what it is). Poor Theo sits at the dinner table and has to convince all three of us girls to “take just three more bites”. Haha.

Best Moment this Week: Having a lunch date with Theo! It’s been our first date since the end of January…so it was much needed. I was starting to notice that I was running out of steam. I was getting so impatient with the girls and with Theo and I didn’t realize how desperately I needed a break. And for those of you who think it’s easy to get a break…it’s not. Especially with foster care in the mix.

Worst Moment this Week: Sunday night, and the following day. It was SO hard to be up all night with Little Miss and then function like a normal human during the day while Theo slept off his long overnight shift. Thankfully I was able to take a nap during the girls naptime, but man…I’m not a fan of being up all night.

Exercise this Week: Well, I didn’t do a very good job with exercising this week. I don’t think I went running at all, or even for a walk. It’s been pretty cold and rainy so that’s my excuse. But I did run a 5k this morning!

Here is 16 weeks with Tera.


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