Shop Feature: Scented Sugars

Raise your hand if you LOVE candles!

I know I do!

Raise your hand if you are a little bit nervous (ok, maybe a lot nervous!) about some of the chemicals you have heard about in candles.

Ok, that’s me, too.

Raise your hand if you want the best of both worlds…amazing scented candles, without the crazy chemicals!

If you raised your hand for all of the above, then this shop feature is for you!!!


Makers of Scented Sugars: Erika Hallman and Maurice Jiles

I have the pleasure of working and creating the Scented Sugars products with my partner Maurice.

A little over a year ago I had the urge to start to make candles. I’ve been a candle collector/ lover for over 10 plus years. Some brands are my staples and I absolutely love and others are a hit or miss. When burning candles at home, sometimes in almost every room, Maurice would think I always had something in the oven. Maurice is also a diabetic and I think the smells help curb the urge of too much sugar in his diet. Maurice and I took a liking to confectionary and yummy foods smells and design all our candles around the sweet aromas of dessert! Because of this, we came up with the name Scented Sugars.

To maintain the natural and clean burning integrity of our candles, they are 100% soy, with no toxins or additives. We work hard to maintain an eco-friendly reputation, using natural ingredients and oils. Scented Sugars products are hand-made and hand-poured, with each candle coming in an 8 oz jar. We also donate a portion of our proceeds to various charities that support diabetics.

We’ve branched out to include other items beside soy candles, which include soy melts, bath bombs, bubble bars and shea body butters.

Raspberry Lemonade 6 oz  Bubble Bath Bomb

You can follow along with Scented Sugars here:



Instagram: Scented Sugars

And just for The Glorious Mundane readers, if you place an order of $20 or more, use code  to receive 20% off! I look forward to creating your orders!



Thanks, Erika for sharing your amazing business with us!!!

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