Outside the Frame: Teaching Edition

Hello there!

Today is Outside the Frame, and I’m excited to share with you today! Today’s prompt is to write about something that you have taught someone. I realize that this could go several different ways, especially since I have spent a few years in a classroom, but I decided to focus on my marriage.

Tomorrow is Theo and I’s 4th anniversary! That means we have the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree in marriage!

Anyone who is married knows that the learning curve on marriage is STEEP. I know that I have learned so much throughout this marriage journey, but today I want to focus on something a little bit different: what I have taught Theo through our marriage.

  • I’ve taught Theo patience. I mean, every day he learns to deal with me.
  • I’ve taught Theo the difference between a dress and a skirt. Yes, my husband did not know the difference until after we were married.
  • I’ve taught Theo how to be the most incredible labor couch. I have a serious doula-man over here on my hands.
  • I’ve taught Theo the difference between a dish cloth and a rag. One time I caught him using my dish cloth on THE FLOOR. I taught him that lesson real quick.
  • I’ve taught Theo how to raise daughters by providing him with a couple.
  • I’ve taught Theo about the female anatomy (I don’t think he minds that one so much.)
  • I’ve taught Theo how to take care of a woman, sacrificially . Basically, Theo has had to give up some dreams in order to take care of his wife and family. I’ve had to teach him all the ins and outs of this hard and tricky part of marriage.
  • I’ve taught Theo what commitment means. I mean, he did say “I do” for forever to me, so I think I can take credit for that one, right?
  • I’ve taught Theo how to take pictures of me #instagramhusband. We’ve come a long ways since we had to take those first pregnancy pictures!
  • I’ve taught Theo how to navigate the tricky waters of driving with a stressed-out wife. I’m really good at this one. I grip the hand rail with one hand, the dash board with the other, and stomp my foot on the imaginary passenger brake peddle to make sure he knows when he needs to hit the brakes. If it wasn’t for me, he would not have the skill of listening to the passenger.
  • I’ve taught Theo how to be a pretty darn great husband. Oh, wait…can I take credit for that? I guess I’m just a SUPER blessed woman (and an excellent teacher).

Really, though, I am so thankful for everything that Theo has taught me, and everything that I have learned on this journey of marriage so far. I’m thankful for all the lessons we have learned and what we have gone through so far. I’m thankful that we have each other to sharpen one another and to go through life with.

And I’m sorry, Theo, for all the things that I have taught you that you might not have wanted to learn 🙂

*Photo taken at our wedding rehearsal exactly four years ago!


I’d love to have you join us next time for Outside the Frame! Our June 8th prompt is write about a time that you feel you messed up. Let’s be real…we have all done it, and I’d love to see some other people chime in! And don’t worry…the following week is write about a personal success story! My heart behind this is to be REAL! We all have successes, but we also have failures!

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