Person of Significance: “S”

To my sister-in-law, Sarah.

I’m so thankful for you.

I’ll admit it…our friendship started off a little bit rocky, mostly because I was a huge jerk to you. The weekend of my wedding was stressful and I had so many details that I couldn’t seem to figure out, but there is was absolutely no good reason for you to sleep on the couch, by yourself, with the chiming clock and NO blankets the night before my wedding.

I’m glad we can laugh about it now.

I’m so glad our husbands are such close friends and that brought us together. We started doing everything together because of course, Theo and Isaiah were also doing everything together.

And the more time I spent with you, the more time I wanted to spend with you! Every time we spend time together, I leave having learning something more about you that I didn’t know before. And I love that. I love that after four years of being friends, you still have so many things about you that I don’t know. I love that you are quiet at first, but open up when you feel comfortable. I love that you are so incredibly adventurous. Like that one time that I joked that the guys should do a polar bear swim, and the next thing I know, you are volunteering and then somehow I’m doing it, too. Because if Sarah can do it, I can do it, too!

I love that you are brave and have cultivated such a beautiful relationship with Isaiah. I cannot imagine living so far away from family, and yet you do it every single day. I love that you are honest and that we don’t have to be afraid to tell each other how we truly feel about a situation.

I think that I always feel humbled being around you, because we are so different. You remind me that sometimes it’s good to be quiet and not the loudest person in the room, that sometimes it’s good to be crazy and adventurous, and that sometimes it’s good to listen to and respect/tolerate people who have different opinions and religious beliefs.

I’m so thankful that our marriages to the Hines boys brought us together as friends, and that we can continue to grow as friends, sisters AND Mom’s!


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