Person of Significance: “T”

To my sweet, sweet Tera-girl.

How is it that you are a person, a sister, a human, so much personality…and yet you grew inside my body?

How is it that God chose me to be your Mommy?

How is it that you have taught me so much- more than all the other people in my life put together?

How is it that you have won your Daddy’s heart?

How is it that you are emphatic, caring, observant, sensitive, talkative, loving, and silly: a perfect mix of your Daddy and I?

How is it that one moment you are driving me INSANE, disobeying or screeching or making a huge mess, and then the next you are plopping your little diapered butt into my lap and rubbing your fuzzy head on my chin and I think that my heart might burst???

How is it that you went from a crying, colicky little blob to a vivacious toddler who can almost count to ten and will repeat ANYTHING that we say?

Tera, do you know that I love you so much? Do you know that being your Mom is the hardest and best thing I have EVER done? Do you know that you have made our family more complete? Do you know that because of you, your Daddy and I have fallen more in love? Do you know that I think about you all the time? Do you know that I come into your room at night when you are sleeping and just look at you, amazed at the miracle that you are?


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