25 weeks with Baby Boy!


How Far Along: 25 weeks! Not too much longer until I’m in the third trimester!

Size of Baby: Head to heel: around 13 inches. That’s crazy, because it’s so close to what he will be at birth! Tera was 17 inches…so there are only a few more inches of length growth to go! Now, weight on the other hand is a different story. Baby boy will still be putting on lots of weight from here on out! I’m just hoping he won’t be a 10 pounder like his Daddy was. Baby boy is the size of an eggplant, or a head of cauliflower! I keep forgetting how big he actually is!

Total Weight Gain: +12 pounds


How I’m Feeling/Symptoms: I’m feeling huge. I feel pregnant in every part of my body! Otherwise, the symptoms are pretty much the same as last week. I’m still sleeping well and keeping up with my daily activities/chores, but I kind of have to rock myself back and forth before I can get out of my chair or the bed. Haha! It’s getting harder to carry Tera and I’m for sure starting to slow down in my usual movement. But, otherwise…not too bad!

The nesting instinct is starting to kick in and I am realizing that I am so under-prepared! I need to start making some freezer meals and washing all his clothes and organizing the baby stuff to see what I need. I need to contact the hospital and start re-reading my birth books and planning ahead for the months of newborn haze that I will be going through! Phew, now if only the nesting energy would come along with the nesting to-do list!

Dr. Appointments: I had my monthly appointment on Thursday, and it went well. It was probably the fastest Dr. appointment I have ever been to. I took Tera with me, and she did alright, but it’s never easy to take the older sibling to the office. She was really nervous and clingy, which isn’t exactly ideal for getting my belly prodded and poked.

Heartrate: 140; Fundal Height: 25 (right on track)

I had to do my glucose screening test and it was NO FUN. I completely forgot about it so I had to do the drink while I was there at the office. I figured I would have lots of wait time and would do the drink and head straight down to the lab, but since my appointment was so fast I ended up having to wait a good 45 minutes at the lab before they could draw my blood. 45 minutes with this yucky glucose drink and a bored toddler did not a fun time make. Oh, no, not at all.


Food Cravings/Aversions: I am having a serious sweet tooth lately! I am all about Frosted Flakes for whatever reason. They just sound SO, SO good for breakfast, lunch, dinner and a bedtime snack. I usually try to refrain and have just one bowl a day.

No aversions this week, although I have had a few evenings of still feeling sick. 25 weeks in, and still feeling sick on a fairly regular basis. NO FUN.

Best Moment This Week: Our sweet friend ran into us on Monday and invited us over for dinner. She is so sensitive to us our and feelings as we said goodbye to Little Miss. Even though it’s been over three weeks and most people have forgotten, we haven’t forgotten and we still have some really, really hard days. Well, Kathy had us over for dinner just to bless us, and then she invited several other families from our church over for dessert…to show their love and support. It was so special and so meaningful to me.

Worst Moment This Week: That glucose test was awful. Awful, I tell you. I think if I hadn’t had a toddler with me, I wouldn’t have minded so much, but it was just hard to sit and wait for so long while also trying to deal with Tera, who was bored out of her wits, poor thing.

What I’m Looking Forward To: Taking Tera to the zoo, enjoying summer, the Hines family reunion, my parents coming when this little one is born!


Exercise this Week: I slowing down, but still trying to stay consistent with working out. I am trying to wake up early, but this week was not a good week for that. I just had such a hard time going to bed early enough to wake up early enough. I did manage to work out at least every other day, and I went for two runs. So, like I said…I’m still trucking along, but just wayyyy slower than before. I need to keep reminding myself that getting bigger and closer to the end is NOT an excuse to stop working out. Instead, I need to be even more diligent as I prepare my body for the marathon of birth!



  1. Nancy says:

    I had to chuckle about the baby being the size of an eggplant or the size of a cauliflower. At least here in Niger, a cauliflower is sure a lot bigger than an eggplant! What ever size the little guy is, you’re looking great.

  2. Nicole Banuelos says:

    Can I just say, you look amazing Suzanne! At 25 weeks I was about 2 times your size. Maybe because I think frosted flakes taste good for any meal even while I’m not pregnant… lol Pregnancy looks great on you!

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