Stranded! with some Famous People

No, I’m not stranded!

But I’m doing a link-up with these two fabulous bloggers: Shay and Erika!

On the second Wednesday of every month, they host this link-up! I’ve been one of those “lurkers” until now, and I just couldn’t resist not joining in! Seriously, how fun is this link-up? If you were stranded on a desert island, what three famous people would you take with you?

So, first of all…I’m not really that into famous people. I enjoy watching movies and sometimes I even read through some tabloids because #entertainment. But, I’ve never had this burning desire to meet many celebrities. But, if I could have some famous people on this deserted island with me, it would be:

  1. First off, we would need some friends on this island. Lately I’m totally into listening to The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey. Can she be my celebrity? Can she and Jen Hatmaker come together as one person since they are friends? I just feel like we would be able to have fun even if the circumstances aren’t ideal.

2. And what would stranded on an island mean if we didn’t have entertainment? One of the most hilarious celebrities and my favorite to watch on TV would have to be Nick Cannon. I feel like he is so great at improvising, no matter what the situation.

3. Bear Grylls. I mean…this one is pretty self-explanatory and would clearly be the key person I’d be grabbing to take with me. He could have a fire going in no time, and would probably have caught fish and some large island mammal before I could even determine which was is “north”.

So there you have it.  As I mentioned at the beginning. I’m not that big into celebrities. I honestly would rather pick three real-life friends and take them with me. Except Bear Grylls. I would certainly choose to keep him with me! After all, that could be the difference between life or death!

So what about you? What three celebrities would you bring with you?



  1. Chelsea McKinney says:

    Hahaha your answers are great; so well thought out!

    I would take Julia Roberts, Tom Hanks (not because of the “Castaway” thing, I just seriously love him), and Ellen. I feel like there would be such great conversation and entertainment!

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