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Happpppyyyy Monday!

I am so excited to share this shop with you all today! It’s crazy how I got connected to this shop…it’s actually through Little Miss’ new Mom! She told me I should feature this shop, and I’m so glad that she did because I absolutely LOVE it!

I know that prints/graphic designs are popping up all over the place, but Isla Jo Studio is one you have got to follow!

Hi, I’m Kristen!

I am 26 years old, and originally from Brooklyn, Connecticut. After graduating college in 2011, I moved to Louisville, Kentucky where I worked for the video department before getting married and moving to Germany with my husband. There, we had our daughter, Rosie, and have since lived in Texas and now Alabama. I love anything that has to do with being crafty, and occasionally try my best to get back into yoga. 😉

I started my shop as a way to earn a little extra money while still staying home with my (soon to be three year old) daughter. I graduated college back in 2011 with a degree in Media Production and Graphic Design, and always enjoyed doing typography and print design layouts. I had been making prints for my home, and decided to share some of my designs with the “Etsy world.” Within the first two hours of being open, I had my first sale!

My husband is in the military, so we move a lot. I, personally, have lived in five different places in the past five years. Having an online shop allows me to bring my work anywhere I go! As long as I have my laptop and my hard drive, I can create anything, anywhere! I will sit at my computer, listen to music, and work on whatever comes to mind!
The name “Isla Jo Studio” was inspired by two of the most amazing women in my life. My mom, Joan, and my mother-in-law, Lisa, have always been so incredibly supportive of everything I do. I just scrambled “Lisa” to “Isla,” and shortened “Joan” to “Jo!”
Here are some of my most popular prints and bestsellers:
“Amazing Grace”
Amazing Grace Mockup
“Love Story”
Every Love Story Is Beautiful Bronze Mockup
Follow Your Arrow Mockup
“Strength and dignity”
She Is Clothed In Strength And Dignity Mockup
“Wild Child”
Stay Wild My Child Mint Mockup
You can also follow me on social media and hit up my Etsy site for more prints:
And, just for you!!! I’ve created a shop coupon code TGM20 for 20% off for all The Glorious Mundane readers!!!
Kristen, thanks so much for letting me feature you on this little corner of the internet! Guys, what a steal! Isn’t her work gorgeous! I know that I mentioned that there are lots of print shops, but this one is hands down my personal favorite. I don’t even pretend to know how she does it! Check out the fabulous print that I got from Isla Jo Studios:
Isn’t it perfect? (she also makes police and EMS hero prints!).
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