What’s On Your….Feet?

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“What’s On Your……Feet!”

Anyone who knows me knows I’ve got no fashionista in me.

I grew up in Niger where I roamed around barefoot most of the time. Ok, Ok…my Mom did have rules. Rule #1: You had to wear shoes if you left the gate. Rule #2: You weren’t allowed to complain to her if you got worms in your feet.

I’m actually not kidding. Those were my two rules for shoes growing up.

So, its safe to say that I wore flip-flops when I went outside the gate. And I tried really hard not to complain to my Mom when I got worms (don’t worry, she was actually very sympathetic).

I didn’t know how to tie my shoes until I was the ripe old age of 10. And that wasn’t because I was delayed or unable to. It was because I never wore shoes!

Now as an adult, I’m not much different. If you look down at my feet, they are almost always barefoot. And if not barefoot, they are usually clad with flip-flops.

These are the top three pairs of shoes you can find on my feet at any given time….

  1. My flip-flops. Old Navy for the win.

I have these in black, gray, green and blue. To be honest, I don’t even know where the green and blue pair are!



2. My running sneakers.

I wear these when I’m running or going for a long walk or hike.



3. My black heels

If I’m going to church or something that requires a little pop of dress-up, I throw on these black shoes. I got these from Payless several years ago for a friends wedding. I have worn them at least once a week since then. I was recently in another wedding and was asked to have nude shoes, so I went back to Payless and got the exact same pair of heels in nude! I seriously wear one or the other every single Sunday to church. It’s the perfect heel to not kill me, but still look nice and dressy!


So what about you? What’s on your feet?


  1. Nicole Banuelos says:

    Right now, as I read this, nothing is on my feet! Usually though you will find me in flip flops or Nikes though. I use to be the shoe queen but as I get older and have more kids, I find that flip flops suit me quite well! lol

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