30 weeks (Pregnancy #2)


How Far Along: 30 weeks pregnant! Hello there, baby! It seems insane that I’ve reached the 30s now! Only 10 weeks to go!

Size of Baby: Baby is about the size of a large cabbage. He should weigh in around 3 pounds and there is a lot of amniotic fluid going on in there, too! He’s still working on his vision and working to gain weight!


How I’m Feeling/Symptoms: I arrived back home on Sunday afternoon and that completes ALL of my trips from the summer. It’s been a fabulous summer, but I am SO happy to be home. All the traveling and emotions of the summer have certainly played a toll on my body and I am so ready to just rest. For the first week this pregnancy, I haven’t had hardly any nausea, and instead I’m hungry ALL THE TIME. It’s such a welcome relief! Unfortunately, I’m mostly hungry for sweets!

I’m having a hard time getting comfortable at night, but when I do finally fall asleep I usually sleep straight through the night with one bathroom break around 5 am.

Sciatic nerve pain is possibly the worst!!! I feel fine when I’m sitting down, but as soon as I stand up, I can feel the entire 3+ pounds of baby just sitting on my sciatic nerve. I’ve tried lots of different remedies, but the only thing that seems to work is laying down and getting that baby bump OFF the nerve. Which does not bode well for…life. Ha.

I’m having a really hard time bending over to pick things up, especially when that thing is a 23 pound toddler. I know that I have a tiny toddler in reality, but I’m still very much done with hauling her around.

The heat is still very persistent, and I don’t think I’ve ever looked forward to a fall more than this one! I have noticed, though, that my body has somehow managed to entirely avoid swelling so far. Well, except for the areas that are legitimately putting on weight. That’s a whole ‘nother type of swelling! Haha!


Best Moment this Week: Celebrating Tera’s 2nd birthday!! When people ask me what my favorite holiday is, I have to say birthdays! I just love that we all have that one special day a year that is OURS. And it’s soooooo much fun to have a child and get to celebrate their birthday! I am totally going to be that birthday Mom. You know, doughnuts for breakfast, balloons all over the place, special ice cream for lunch and friends over for dinner. Or whatever the kid wants, it’s their day! Theo is already rolling his eyes. My kids future friends already love me.


Worst Moment this Week: This week has been pretty fabulous! I have been an emotional wreck once or twice, and I’ve had epically bad attitudes about a few things, but otherwise I feel like I have finally had a steady week and that’s fabulous!

Exercise this Week: At this point, doesn’t growing a baby count as exercise? Ha. I haven’t done anything except go on one or two walks with Tera. I know I need to get back into that, especially as the end quickly approaches.


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  1. Nancy says:

    So sorry about the sciatica pain! That sounds horrible. As the one who almost always passed up dessert, it’s crazy that that’s what you crave now. And the best thing about birthdays is that the person (unless they’re the mom!) gets a day off from chores. 🙂

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