32 Weeks (Pregnancy #2)


How Far Along: 32 weeks! 8 more weeks to go. Two months. So close, and yet so far…

Size of Baby: Baby boy is the size of a large jicama! I have no idea what that is, so I googled a little further and he’s about the size of half a gallon of milk. From here on out he is pretty much just bulking up, which means that I will also be adding to the scale quite quickly.


Symptoms: I have hit a wall. I have no desire to do anything. I don’t even have a desire to nest. I’m impatient with Theo and Tera and I just don’t wanna. It’s funny, because I thought it was all because of the sickness that I’ve been dealing with around my house, but when I read Tera’s 32 week update I realized that I felt the same way at this point in my pregnancy with her (only I was able to do absolutely nothing! This time…I don’t have a choice!).

It’s not that I feel exhausted (although there has been plenty of that), it’s just that I can’t for the life of me muster up the mental energy to tell myself what needs to be done. People keep asking me what I need to do to “nest” and I pull a complete blank. I know that my to-do list is three miles long but I’m in complete denial and I don’t even know what’s on that to-do list.

I’m struggling with finding a comfortable position to sleep in and having a hard time feeling rested in the morning. Alas, welcome to the third trimester. Too bad I still have 8 weeks to go!


Food Cravings/Aversions: So much sugar. I really need to lay off the sugar, and so that is something that I will be working on. I’m also hungry all the time. No aversions this week, and I’m SO thankful that I managed to make it through a really tough week without any bouts of nausea! Yayyyy!!!


Best Moment This Week: The day that Theo came home from work. Ok, it was a horrible day…so horrible that he told his captian that he needed to be home with his family instead of at work. This is a BIG DEAL, people. He has left work approximately three times in the last four years. Once when I was in labor with Tera, once when Tera was really sick and we were going to take her to the ER, and then once this past week. I sobbed with relief when he walked in the door.


Worst Moment This Week: Tera caught a nasty virus and it was one of the hardest weeks of mothering EVER. She was sick for a full seven days. And none of us slept hardly at all during that time period. It was rough. It was strange because she would have a blazing high fever, then nothing, then a fever again, then she developed a horrible cough, and then congestion. It was like a reverse cold. Then her cough got so bad that she was throwing up. She couldn’t eat or chew because she would start coughing (and then throw up). She slept not a wink because she was coughing (and throwing up). Let’s not do that again. I’m super thankful that so far, neither Theo or I seem to have ANY symptoms, so here’s to hoping it came and went.

Exercise This Week: I have actually done a little bit better this walk by going for four consistent walks with the family! We are trying to go every evening after dinner when it’s a little bit cooler outside. It’s been especially needed this past week when Tera has been so sick. I literally haven’t left the house in a week except for those walks!


32 weeks with Tera


  1. Nancy says:

    With Tera so sick and you being up half the night with her every night, no wonder you have no energy! Growing a baby takes a lot of energy out of you, too. Try to get in lots of naps. I know, easy to say when I don’t have a toddler!!

    • [email protected] says:

      I think maybe it’s like a squash…? I honestly don’t know where all the fruits/veggie comparisons for pregnancy came from. I know there is an app out there that does funny real-life objects, but my phone is a dinosaur and I can’t get the app!

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