35 Weeks (Pregnancy #2)


How Many Weeks: 35 weeks! How have we already reached 35 weeks? Doesn’t that mean I have…5 weeks left? That’s insane. I just found out I was pregnant, didn’t I? I don’t think I’ve even fully comprehended that I’m having a baby yet. Wait…I’m also having a BOY baby. Ok, ok. Breathe. Breathe.

Size of Baby: Over 5 pounds and 18 inches long now (according to google). I haven’t had any ultrasounds since the 20 week one, so I don’t know how big our baby is on the average scale. But he seems to be growing right along! He is apparently the size of a honeydew melon this week. That sounds about right. And looks about right, too!


Symptoms/How I’m Feeling: Well, this week has been MUCH better than the last few! I finally feel like I got a little bit of energy back (key word: little). I am working really hard on getting enough sleep, getting enough water, getting enough protein and getting enough exercise and that really seems to be helping!

I’m freaking out just a little bit that his arrival is happening so soon. I really do need to start checking off the list that I have.

But most importantly I am NOT mentally prepared to birth a baby. I haven’t done hardly any thinking on the subject, except in relation to freaking out about it. I need to sit down with my big stack of birth books and get reading so I can get there mentally. I think that’s the biggest thing I need to do between now and when he arrives.


All of my other symptoms are completely “normal” and what I’ve been experiencing all along. The only new thing recently is heartburn. Oh, the dang heartburn…how I hate you. So far I haven’t been able to pinpoint any particular thing that is causing it, but it’s no fun. I will eat spicy one day and be just fine, but tomato and acid seems to set me off? And some days it’s after I eat sugar? I don’t really know…maybe it has nothing to do with what I’m eating and more to do with the fact that I’m pregnant. Very pregnant.

Cravings/Aversions: Cold and sweet! I am trying so dang hard to eat protein and avoid the sugars, but that is exact opposite of my cravings. I cannot go a single day without eating a bowl of frosted flakes, though. That is my jam. I also eat carrots and cucumbers all.the.time. I think if my baby were to pop out the thing I have eaten the most of this pregnancy, he would be a carrot. Thank the good Lord that our babies come out human!


Exercise this Week: I’ve gone for a walk every night this week! Woohoo!

Best Moment this Week: Theo has been home and we have been able to knock out some major house projects! Although none of them are my nesting list, I’m enjoying seeing things become accomplished!


Edited to add: I originally wrote this on Saturday and I didn’t know at the time that my sister in law was just hours away from having her baby!!! So my best moment this week was hands down hearing that Isaiah and Sarah welcomed sweet Jamie Madelyn into the world! I’m an auntie again!!!!!!!!

Worst Moment this Week: Our well is having…problems. And it’s not good. I don’t have an official diagnosis, so I’ll just leave it at that. But say a prayer over our well that it won’t be $$$$$$$ to fix (also updated to add: It’s a lot $$$$$. Say a prayer I’ll be able to stop crying sometime soon. No, for real. It’s bad.)

What I need to do before baby: Exactly everything that was on my list last week haha!

  • Go to clothing sale/consignment shops to build his wardrobe
  • Pack hospital bag
  • Prep a bag for Tera and instructions for a babysitter (just in case I go into labor before my parents are here)
  • Prepare at least 10 freezer meals for after his arrival
  • Clean and organize/decorate Tera’s and baby boy’s shared room
  • Order items off Amazon that we still need for baby boy
  • Order big sister/little brother clothes for when they meet (eeeek!!)
  • Read birth books (at least 5)
  • Write birth plan and have Family Beginnings all set up
  • Paint and clean guest room
  • Work ahead on blog so I can take some time off without any blogging
  • Find/order any breastfeeding supplies I no longer have
  • Pull out and clean bassinet and other baby stuff+


And here is 35 weeks with our Tera-girl.


  1. Miri says:

    I am sorry to hear about the well $$$$. I will pray for you that the Creator of all water will give you the rest and encouragement you and your family need. He loves you and cares for you. Pregnancy can be so stressful. But you got this!

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