Happy October!

It’s baby month!!!!

Several years ago, several blogs that I followed started doing something called #write31days. The idea is to pick a topic (any topic) and write about that topic for 31 days during the month of October. Two years ago, I didn’t hear about it soon enough to even pick a topic, so I didn’t do it. And last year we had just gotten Little Miss two weeks before, so I was not prepared to write every day.

Well, this year I’m having a baby this month, so I while I wanted to join in, I wasn’t sure I would be able to.

But I’m hear to tell you that I will be joining in with #write31days!

I will be cheating a little bit, however, as I have already written all the posts in advance and simply have them scheduled to go live each day during the month of October. This not only gives me an opportunity to join in, but also gives me an opportunity to take the month of October off of blogging.

Today I just wanted to do a little intro to #write31days. You can find the website here. Feel free to browse around and find other bloggers who you might want to follow along with. You can also see who accomplished this incredible goal last year and the years before that!

Oh, were you wondering what my topic was going to be??

I will be publishing a post every single day this month and my topic will be: Foster Care.



I will write our story.

I will include some posts with lots of facts about how the system works and why things often turn out how they do.

I will also be including some posts that contain opinions and some controversial subjects and myths in the world of foster care.

I will be reposting some posts I have written in the past.

I will be continuing with my Monday shop features, featuring shops who support adoption and foster care!

I will be taking questions the entire month and dedicating a final post to answering those questions.


Here is the line-up:

Oct 1: Introduction

Oct 2: The Hines

Oct 3: Shop Feature

Oct 4: Why We Chose to Foster

Oct 5: The Process

Oct 6: The Cast of Characters

Oct 7: The Paperwork

Oct 8: The Goal: Reunification

Oct 9: Reflection

Oct 10: Shop Feature: Ransomed Cuffs

Oct 11: The Placement

Oct 12: The Daily Life

Oct 13: The Extra’s

Oct 14: Bonding

Oct 15: The Goodbyes

Oct 16: Scripture

Oct 17: Shop Feature: Together We Rise

Oct 18: Finances

Oct 19: Rules

Oct 20: Foster // Foster to Adopt

Oct 21: Books, Blogs and other Resources

Oct 22: Public or Private Agency?

Oct 23: Scripture

Oct 24: Shop Feature

Oct 25: Helpful Resources

Oct 26:  Myths on Why You Can’t Be Involved

Oct 27: How You Can Get Involved

Oct 28: FAQs

Oct 29: Conclusion

Oct 30: Scripture

Oct 31: Shop Feature



I hope that you are as excited about this series as I am!











  1. Nancy says:

    I’m really looking forward to this month for lots of reasons, your blog being among them. I’m looking forward to learning more about foster care and growing in my appreciation and love for you and Theo!

  2. Chandra says:

    First of all, I am loving your organization for this series. It makes it very evident that you’re passionate about this topic and have a lot to share. Looking forward to it!

  3. Teej says:

    Thank you. This will be very helpful as my husband and I will hopefully start the conversation this month about whether we will pursue foster care. We lost a baby at 24 weeks gestation in March, and I have been ready to move forward with thinking about family planning for a while now, but he has not been. But we agreed to discuss it in October, so this information will be very timely.

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