Breastfeeding Round-Up Part I

Last week, I started my series on breastfeeding! If you missed the first three posts, you can find them here:

Breastfeeding/Pumping Essentials

My Breastfeeding Journey

Exclusively Pumping as a Stay At Home Mom



I have a few more posts on this subject coming up, but I also wanted to share advice and experiences from other mothers. I reached out to some other bloggers and the response was OVERWHELMING! I guess since all Mom’s need to feed their babies, breastfeeding/pumping/and formula feeding are hot topics! So without further ado, I wanted to share some of the amazing posts that I have come across from other bloggers! All posts are used with permission and the originals are linked. Because the response was so overwhelming, I have put all the posts into different categories!



Breastfeeding Journey’s/Experiences: 

Nursing is Not Easy, and Then you Add a Dash of Pyloric Stenosis  by Jacki at Tiny Tot Blog

My second time breastfeeding has been drastically different than my first - namely, that it's been working this time. I'm so glad I got the chance to experience a great nursing relationship with my second child.

Breastfeeding Round Two by Jess at Being Mrs. Beer  

My Breastfeeding Journey

My Breastfeeding Journey by Lisa at MNsota Mom 

Tales of a Breastfeeding Mama  by Sheila at Sheila Jane Blog 

Post Partum Depression and Breastfeeding by Brooke at Sholar Style 

Baby’s First Year of Breastfeeding by Ally at You Are More 

It’s Not As Easy As You Think by Jennifer at Lil Posies 

A failed twin breastfeeding experience and why it was OK.

My Failed Twin Breastfeeding Experience by Caitlin at Rogers Party of 5 

My Breastfeeding Journey by Brie at A Slice of Brie 

Fed is Best: A Mom’s Story of Feeding her Premie  by Jenna at Jenna Liesch 


Breastfeeding Essentials 

Top Breastfeeding Products by Brooke at Sholar Style 

7 Must-Haves for Breastfeeding Moms on Gugu Guru 

Nursing Essentials by Autumn at Our Blended Home 


Tips and Tricks 

5 Tips to Boost Your Supply: A Breastfeeding Plan by Jessica at Jessica Lynn Writes 

The Scoop on Nursing Bra’s by Naya at Lactivist in Louboutin’s 

What’s In My Breastfeeding Basket by Lauren at Bellows in the Berkshires 

Do you feel like your breastmilk supply is low? Do you need to increase your milk supply so that you baby will have enough for you to get away for the weekend? Here are some great ways to naturally increase your breastmilk supply!

How to Naturally Boost Your Breastmilk Supply by Rebekah guest posting on Surviving Toddlerhood 

Breastfeeding and Beyond: Tips and Necessities by Shannan at Faithfully Beautiful 

10 Thing I Wish I Knew About Breastfeeding by Marla at Because I Said So Baby 

4 Ways to Cover Without a Nursing Cover by Lauren at Bellows in the Berkshires 

How to Boost Your Milk Supply within 24 Hours  by Clarissa at My Wifestyles


Using a Nipple Shield and How to Wean Your Baby Off by Simone at Simone Plus 

Traveling Internationally….without Baby  by Melissa at Baby Castan On Board 

Breastfeeding Tips and Learning to Breastfeed Twins by Joanna at Motherhood and Merlot 

Toddler in Tow

Tips on Breastfeeding a Newborn with a Toddler in Tow  by Lisa at Redlocks and Shamrocks 

Tips on How to Return to Work while Breastfeeding by Gina at Gugu Guide

Is Breastfeeding OK While You Are Sick? by Jennifer at Lil Posies 



WOW! What a wealth of information! I actually have TWICE as many blog posts, but I have run out of room in this post…so stay tuned for a part II on Friday! I can’t wait!!!




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