Show and Tell Tuesday: Pictures are My Love Language

I once had a friend in college who said, “I need to take more pictures because pictures are my Mom’s love language.”

It was said in passing in a conversation, but I have never forgotten that statement!

And I’m 100% positive that the powers that be need to officially state pictures as another love language.

It would rank as my top love language, hands down.

So when I saw today’s prompt for Show and Tell Tuesday, I KNEW I had to participate. I figured it would be pretty easy to post my top 5 pictures ever taken.

Um, it was way harder than I expected to narrow it down to only FIVE!

I cheated and picked six, but two of them are the same category, so that counts, right?


This picture was taken at a wedding in Niger, and I will always love it. Even though I haven’t lived in Africa in 8 years, I still consider it home. I miss it so much and when I look at this picture I can hear the sounds, see the colors and feel the heat on my skin. It makes me miss it so much.

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Both of these pictures were taken in 2016 and they are already both missing members of the family, haha!

Theo’s immediate family: (Jamie and Kiah in utero, so not pictured!)

My immediate family: (technically, we are ALL in this picture, but the two in utero are a little bit hard to see 😉 )



It’s kinda strange that one of my top 5 pictures is me approximately 10 hours after I gave birth, huh? I know it’s not the most flattering picture of me, but it’s hands-down my favorite picture of our family (so far!). The joy on our faces is just so, so evident.



Oh, my sweet Abigail. We took this picture at her goodbye party, which I cried through most of. Life with this girl was a wild ride. I think I felt every emotion imaginable in the nine months that she was with us. My heart grew more than I could ever express, and this picture sums it up for me!



Of course I have to pick a wedding picture as my favorite, right? This picture doesn’t need any words.

Image may contain: one or more people, wedding and outdoor


What about you? What are your top five pictures ever?

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