Breastfeeding Round-Up Part II

Wow! You guys are loving this breastfeeding series! I don’t know why I am so surprised. It is a topic that we can all relate to on some level- either we chose to breastfeed and loved it, we chose to breastfeed and didn’t love it, we chose to not breastfeed and didn’t love it, or we chose to not breastfeed and loved it. Seriously- something everyone can relate to!

If you missed the past posts that I am referring to, you can see them here:

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Today I have a second round-up post, which is simply a post of other people’s posts all collected in one spot! I have permission to use and repost all of these posts, and I’m sure the original bloggers would love comments and feedback on their posts! I have once again divided these blog posts into several sections: Topics to Talk About (sometimes controversial!), Pumping and Formula Feeding, and Posts from the Experts.


Topics to Talk About 

Intimacy and the Breastfeeding Mother  by Naya at Lactivist in Louboutin’s 

When Your Child Weans Themselves- catia holm

When Your Child Weans Themselves by Catia on Austin Mom’s Blog

Tonight I Nursed You For the Last Time by Mary at The Mom Friend 

That Story I Never Told you About Breastfeeding Myself by Kelly at Ooh Bother  

My Love/Hate Relationship with Breastfeeding by Brie at A Slice of Brie 

13 Things to Look Forward to After Weaning by Shari at Savvy Every Day 

Breastfeeding surprises for the new nursing mother. My biggest nursing surprises. Visit to read about my experience as a new mom or pin for later.

Breastfeeding: My Biggest Surprises by Tiffany at Short Sweet Mom

Yes, I am Nursing for Me by Lauren at Bellows in the Berkshires 

Tandem Nursing by Lauren at Bellows in the Berkshires 

20things to never text extended breastfeeding moms

20 Things to Never Text to an Extended Breastfeeding Mom  by Shari at Savvy Every Day


Pumping/Formula Feeding 

Pumping Bag Must Haves for the Working Mom  by Naya at Lactivist in Louboutin’s 

Pumping Tips for Building Your Milk Stash by Melissa at Baby Castan on Board  

The Breastfeeding Shop

Breast Pumping: Everything You Need to be a Success by Nikki at Healing Mama 

Hear From the Experts 

Breastfeeding Advice from Dr. Snow at The Bluegrass Mom

Jessica Lynn Writes 

Lovely Lucky Life


An Interview with a Lactation Consultant by Ashley at Taylor-made Mama 


I hope that you have found this resource helpful, and as always- feel free to share!


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