Five on Friday

Happy Friday!

I am sorry I have been so absent from the blog world this week! I will be back full force on Monday, but for now I just wanted to share five things on this beautiful Friday! If you are wanting to check out what’s going on in Dayton this weekend, scroll on down to #5!

  1. Visiting friends. On Monday, I drove to upstate New York to visit my lifelong friend that I haven’t seen in YEARS! We have four kids under the age of three and being together was so FUN and so INSANE! So many babies. I drove back yesterday and I think I need a week or two to recover! 
  2. Third Culture Kids and marriage. My (online) friend Esther interviewed me last week on TCKs and marriage. Let me tell you what, we could have gone on for HOURS, but she managed to put everything together in this amazing blog post. TCK married friends I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on these questions, too. Are you married to another TCK or someone from another culture or someone who is monocultural (only ever lived in one culture). This is fascinating to me! Here is the post! 

    Sand from Niger mixed with sand from Michigan

  3. Family Portrait. Look at this amazing piece of art that my friend Kimberly painted for us. Seriously…I LOVE it. I don’t have a single picture with all three of my kids in it…until now. I can’t wait to frame it and hang it up!!! She has an Etsy shop and can create a custom image for you, too! 
  4. Bravo Dessert! Have you headed out to Bravo to eat some dinner and get FREE dessert on me? Well, if you haven’t there is still time!!! From now until May 22, you can head to the Dayton Bravo and any entree ordered gets a FREE dessert. These desserts are AMAZING, let me tell you!!! Let me know if you head there! 
  5. Dayton this weekend! As always, there are a TON of thing to do around these parts this weekend! Its looking like it will probably rain, but at least its not snow or freezing rain, right? I plan on heading to my favorite Learning Tree Farm for Babies on the Farm!! Other fun things include the 2017 Superhero Donut Run,  and a Family Adventure Day ! What are you up to this weekend?

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