The Adventures of a Motorcycle

Let me tell you about this man I know.

This man has my heart.

He also gives me quite the scare on a regular basis.

After five years of marriage, I’ve learned to call these little episodes “adventures”. And I’ve learned to laugh about them. I haven’t always been like that, but I decided that I need to loosen up. And then God gave me Theo as an answer to that decision. Sometimes he works in mysterious ways.

Anyways, this man of mine has always wanted a motorcycle.

In fact, one of my favorite dates EVER was when he borrowed his aunt’s motorcycle and took me to Yellow Springs on it! That was a total blast, and bonus points for the fact that he had planned it all out and I didn’t have to do any of the work!

But back to the story at hand. For a number of reasons, we decided to become a one-car family. We thought about this a lot, and while it ends up being the right decision for our family at this time, it’s still hard for me to be literally stuck at home every day. So we finally decided it would be a good investment for Theo to get a motorcycle.

Of course, if you know us, you know that we are NOT going to head to a lot and buy a brand-new motorcycle. Nope. So to Craiglist we went!

After spending several weeks looking for just the right motorcycle, Theo finally found one that he liked in the right price range. The seller was located about an hour away, but that didn’t seem like that big of a deal to us.

So we loaded up the kids one Saturday morning and drove to get the motorcycle. Theo took it for a test drive, liked it well enough, and paid for his bike. And now it was time to get it home.

A one hour bike ride on a beautiful Ohio Spring day looks wonderful, doesn’t it?


In reality, here is what happened:

It was 30 degrees outside without wind chill

Theo had no cold-weather motorcycle gear, so he bundled in every single layer we had available in the car.

Tera cried a significant amount of the trip back because she wanted to ride with Daddy on the motorcycle.

But at least she held Kiah’s hand

The trip back ended up taking us 2.5 hours. Every 15 minutes we would stop the motorcycle and the car and Theo would hop in the car, crank up the heat and warm himself up.

When we got home, Theo was SO COLD. And Tera still wanted a ride.

All that for this beauty. She doesn’t have a name yet. Any suggestions?

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