The Dangerous Lies of Self-Care: When Self-Care is Destructive

Hello, all!

We just came back from a fabulous weekend in Butler County, Ohio! Keep your eyes peeled for a recap post in the upcoming week or two…it was an absolute blast!

Today I’m posting over on the Dayton Mom’s Blog about the Dangerous Lies of Self-Care. This is something that has been on my heart for a while, and I really wanted to challenge myself and my fellow Moms in this area.

Sometimes self-care can be destructive.

“I would take my needs and put them far above the needs of my children. After telling them to have self-control and not let their feelings control them, I would turn around and throw up my hands in the complete surrender of my own feelings. Instead of self-discipline like I encourage my children to have, I would turn to an elusive thing called “self-care”. ”

Head on over to the Dayton Mom’s Blog to read more…

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