Five on Friday: Christmas Lists!

As Christmas is fast approaching, there are so many Christmas lists popping up!

For years I have struggled with the materialism of Christmas, but my gift-loving self just cannot seem to do away with gifts entirely. So as with most things in life, we try to keep it really simple. We spent $25-$30 on each kid (plus all the grandparent gifts and stocking stuffers!), and we find it really adds up and it more than meets the needs of our family. I do love browsing gift lists for ideas for my kids, and I’ve found some gems while reading through some of these lists! I am hoping this list can be the same for you…whether you have a preteen, a preschooler, a baby or an impossible to shop for husband!

Since we have such varying ages and genders, I have a hard time choosing gifts for my crew! I thought I would just share one thing from each of our wish lists and maybe I’ll do this every Friday until Christmas!

  1. The Husband. Theo is the hardest person to shop for. I mean…the hardest. But this book is right up his alley! 
  2. Myself. I’m a sucker for lists and pretty books and planners. I refuse to buy my planners online, because I have to be able to open it and see it myself. But this book? I’ll take it! 
  3. The Preteen. I have to roll my eyes and chuckle at the list that my preteen came up with…but this is what she wants! Who is Pusheen the cat? I honestly don’t know. But apparently we need all things Pusheen floating around my house. 
  4. The Preschooler. We can’t go wrong with Play Dough, am I right?
  5. The Baby. Kiah is really into touch and feel books right now, so this one looks adorable! For some reason he is terrified of animals in person, but he seems to enjoy looking at them in books. Go figure! 

I’d love to hear…what do you have on your Christmas lists? I need some more ideas!

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