5 on Friday

Happy Friday! I don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted. I just wanted to throw together a few things that are floating around the interwebs. A couple people you will want to follow, a couple of blog posts you may have missed, and a sneak peak of our newly finished basement!!!

1. Follow Friday

If you are not following these people, you need to get on that ASAP!

Instagram: Jordan at Fun, Cheap or Free (how does she have so much energy?)

Blog: Floral and Fudge 

Rachel blogs about being a Christian, a wife, and a boy Mom…all with so much creativity! I love how she lets her readers into her family and inspires me to be a better wife and mother.

Shop: Oh Bowsies 

Run by our sweet Abigail’s Mom, these bows are incredible! And they grow with the child, so you don’t have to worry about sizing at all! She’s got talent, and I’m proud to shout it out!

Facebook: A Musing Maralee

“A Musing Maralee is where you can find my thoughts on motherhood, adoption, foster care, faith, & family. All serious topics, approached with a smile”

2. Rocksbox.

Have you checked out Rocksbox yet? It’s a jewelry box curated JUST for you and received every month and oh my word does it have the most gorgeous jewelry! You have the option of buying whichever pieces you would like, and sending the rest back! I have absolutely loved it for special occasions or just everyday occasions. This month I received two earrings and a necklace and I LOVE all three!

You can get one month of Rocksbox FREE using the code thegloriousmundanexoxo. Let me know what you get in your first box!!

3. How is Kiah ONE? 

Did you see my posts about Kiah turning ONE? It does not seem possible at all! We blinked and that year went by! You can see all his one year old stats here and read about the fabulous birthday weekend we had here! 

4. Love and Blues Safe Marriage Project 

Do you follow the Love and Blues blog? If you are married to a police officer, you MUST follow this blog. If you know someone who is married to an officer, you must send them the link for this blog! Leah, the author, just wrote her first book…and I had the chance to review it! The Safe Marriage Project is an absolutely fabulous book that every LEO wife needs to read/do. Each chapter covers a challenge that often comes up in a police marriage, and a tactic to go about working through that problem. There is a worksheet at the end of every chapter and while it’s not hard to complete, I can guarantee that it will change your marriage. Seriously…if you are a LEO wife or know someone who is, please, please buy this book and give it to them!!!

5. Basement Sneak Peak 

Guess what we finished last week?


Our basement is finished! It is now a fully furnished apartment, and we are thrilled! I’ll have a full before and after post detailing the entire project, but for now you can have this sneak peak of our kitchen and bathroom area!


Happy Friday! I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

Hezekiah’s Birthday Weekend

I’m here to tell you that Kiah’s birthday weekend was an absolute blast.

We didn’t have a party.

The cake almost didn’t happen.

I used a stapler and the closest sharpie I could find to fabricate him a strange crown.

I unearthed a shirt that said “Birthday Boy”

I used a gift card to buy him some presents.

And we loved him to death.

It wasn’t Pinterest-perfect, not even close.

But it was perfect.

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Hezekiah James is ONE!!!

I know, I know.

Hezekiah James cannot already be one.

That would be impossible.

….But our little man turned ONE on Saturday.

One whole year!!!!

I love birthdays and while I’m not a sentimental stuff person, I am SO sentimental about my babies.

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Being Authentic in the the Numbers Game

There are a few ways to gain new followers as a blogger on social media, particularly on Instagram.

Followers are everything to a blogger who wants to earn money. They are how we do what we do. If no one is reading or commenting or interacting, businesses are not interested in working with us as influencers.

Many influencers are trying their hardest to bring in an income for their family. They are hustling and working and trying to produce the best content for their readers.

But because of Instagram or Facebook algorithm, most of the content never even gets seen.

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A Day in my Life

Hey Hey!

I’m guest posting over on A Beautiful Alarm today!

She is doing an entire series on Day in the Life posts…it’s so fun to read through and find all the different women and moms and what makes up their days!

You can head on over to her blog to read all about A Day in my Life with 3 kids.