Life Lessons Learned: The Chronicles of Hair

The story begins several weeks ago when I discovered that Heavenly had not been washing or brushing her hair…in weeks. She has gorgeous, thick, curly hair and I suspect that it was slightly overwhelming for her to handle. She is also at that delicate age where spending time on personal grooming is not yet a priority, but the responsibility of it falls on her since she is independent enough to do it. Mix that in with being in an unfamiliar place with virtual strangers who happen to be white, and it was the perfect storm.

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Hezekiah James: 10 months

Didn’t I just write one of these posts? I seriously thought I just did.

Well, here we are again…10 MONTHS! How is this even possible that in two more months Continue reading →

She Reads Truth Bible: A Review

I have been a long-time follower of the She Reads Truth community. Their visuals are stunning and they always offer so much spiritual encouragement. One thing I have noticed is that this spiritual encouragement is not just surface level and fluffy, but it goes deep and is often challenging, encouraging, humbling and downright convicting.

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5 Ways to Make a Birthday Special on a Budget

This post could otherwise be titled “Birthdays the Old Fashioned Way”.

Check it out:

According to Google (which I know is an iffy source, let’s just roll with it for now).

“On a child’s birthday party, a new study found that the average parents today spend Continue reading →

July Life Lately

Phew! There was so much packed into July that I really need to do several different posts, but because of lack of time, I will once again just have a big photo dump. I’m trying to decide if I should do away with monthly reviews and focus more on writing a blog post for each big event that we do, but I’m not sure how I would find the time to do that, you know? Oh, life. It’s been wild this month.


July was PACKED and I’m EXHAUSTED. Do I say that every month?

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