Birth Stories

Before giving birth to my first daughter, Tera, I thought people were crazy for talking about their birth stories. Honestly, it was TMI and it kind of grossed me out.

After going through labor and delivery with Tera, I fell in love with birth in a whole new way. I learned about the woman’s body and how incredible it is when it goes through labor and delivery (not to mention pregnancy). I learned about how incredible a man can be when he stays by the side of a woman for 36+ hours while she labors. I learned about the ins and outs of delivering a baby and all that happens from the beginning to the end- and beyond.

And if there is one thing that I learned through all my research and my own deliveries, it is that no two labors are every the same. And that is SO AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL to me.

And now…I cannot get enough. One of my favorite questions to ask women is about their birth stories. It’s one of my favorite topics to bring up in random conversation. I LOVE to hear all birth stories- whether natural, vaginal with a blessed epidural, planned C-section, unplanned emergency C-section, or giving birth on the side of the highway. I love to hear them all.

So I decided to collect them! And herr you are…ready to read them!

Please be respectful of all the women who are sharing their stories here.


Suzanne from The Glorious Mundane (Tera’s Birth)

Suzanne from The Glorious Mundane (Hezekiah’s Birth).

Leslie from Little Boys and Lattes








Nancy from Hannatu’s Happenings


Sarah from Just Simply Sarah

Erica from Aiming for August

Rachel (baby #1)

Rachel (baby #2)

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