Green Kids Box

Listen, you guys.

You need to know something.

I am passionate about educating children. I am so excited about homeschooling my kids. I am good at all things teaching- reading books, capturing children’s attention, thinking of a new way to teach them, getting stuff done.

But I’m terrible at crafts.


I don’t know why that is- it seems it should just be a matter of looking up a craft, getting out the supplies and then making the craft, right? Well, somehow it never works that way for me.

And then as I was doing my initial research on homeschooling, I discovered that there are craft subscription boxes.

Game. Changer.

Yes, the crafts get sent directly to me- with ALL the supplies, and all I have to do is guide the kiddos through the craft! It takes so much work and stress out of the equation for me!

So today I wanted to introduce you to Green Kid Crafts!

Our box was STUFFED with three activities and ALL the supplies needed for them. When I say all, I mean all- including the scissors and watercolor paints!

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