I’m Anti Date Night

I’m over on the Dayton Mom’s Blog today posting about my take on date night.


Yes, “dating” my spouse is of utmost importance. It comes before my children, my “me-time” and even my husbands career. But I quit this cultural norm that we need to be going out of the house once a week in order to have a relationship with my spouse.

But, I for one, quit date night. I quit the cultural expectation that I need to go out and eat dinner and do an activity with my husband. I quit the expectation that my marriage will be in shambles if I don’t fit it into the box of date night. I quit the idea that if I don’t’ come up with creative ways to have a free date night, I’m failing in the marriage category. I quit the idea that my children are nothing but burdens and that my husband and I are incapable of having a relationship when they are in the vicinity.”


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