Fall Bucket List

Hello, fall! We’ve officially been in the season for a few weeks, but it’s only just now starting to feel like fall.

This will be my 8th year living in Ohio, and Im just now starting to get used to the seasons. When I first moved to Ohio from Africa, I hated winter and absolutely dreaded it. The only season I really loved was summer. So to me fall was the end of “my season” and the beginning of the long road to winter and I didn’t enjoy it much.

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Scarf Swap

About two months ago, I started following Rachel’s blog Floral and Fudge. One day she posted a blog post asking if anyone was interested in participating in a scarf swap! That sounded like so much fun to me, so I shot her an email that I would LOVE to be a part of it!

Scarf Swap

Rachel organized the whole thing, and all I had to do was buy a scarf ($10-$15) and send it to “my person”. Rachel collected all the information of the interested parties and then did the hard work of emailing each individual person with the information to send to their person. This was a BLAST!!!

Today everyone who was involved in this scarf swap is sharing the scarves that they received in the mail! I can’t wait to see what everyone else got!

Here is the scarf that I received from Carri Lyn for the swap!


In fact, I received more than a scarf! I also received some chai tea, and the brightest and sweetest card! It was such a joy to get this little package!!


You know what I love most about the scarf? It’s not one that would have caught my own eye. I’m a huge fan of bright colors and pops of brightness, so I never would have chosen this scarf for myself!


I’m so glad that Carri chose it for me, because now I get to experiment with it and wear it more often and step a little bit out of my comfort zone! Plus, it’s always nice to have some neutrals in my closet full of bright colors!

I’ve already worn the scarf several times, and it’s as comfy and cozy as it looks! Plus, I am finding that matches a lot of things that I have in my closet!



Thank you so much, Carri! I love it!

And that was my scarf from the scarf swap! To check out the scarf that I sent, you can go to Penny’s Passion.

And to check out all the scarves in the scarf swap as well as meet the host of this wonderful little exchange you can click here.

This was a blast! I would love to do this again!





I have to admit…I have a love/hate relationship with the fall.


Yes, I just admitted that I don’t love all things fall.

I love the crisp air, that just feels so fresh and clean when you breath it in.

I hate that the cool air blows the warm air out…and it’s bye-bye summer!

I love sweaters, scarves and boots.

I hate how sweaters, scarves and boots look on me.

I love that it’s cool enough to drink warm drinks.

I actually (gasp!!) don’t like pumpkin spice lattes.

I love how there are so many reasons to celebrate the changing of a season.

I hate how the changing of a season has become so materialized in our society.

I love the fall because growing up I never experienced fall and everything is still so new and beautiful to me.

I hate the fall because growing up I never experienced fall and everything about it makes me feel so homesick.

Yes, it’s fall. I’ve always had a hard time getting into the changing of the seasons, or even planning holidays. Growing up, we just never put a lot of hullaballo into holidays, and I have a hard time doing that now. Last fall, I decorated my front porch, bought a fall-ish candle and baked some things that had pumpkin in them. I felt SO accomplished, so domestic, so American, so excited to be in the holiday spirit! So I decided I would be just as into Christmas. But Christmas hit when I was in my first trimester of pregnancy…and I don’t think we did anything more than put up a tree. When Easter came along, I blew it. And I celebrated summer with my swollen feet propped up and a box fan aimed at me, counting down the days until my pregnancy would be over and Tera Evelynne would be in my arms.

Now Tera is here, and I see even more reasons to celebrating the seasons. But sometimes, I still have a hard time not hating fall. The goodbye to summer, the chilly days and nights, the materialism and how much money is actually spent on pumpkin spice lattes and pumpkins and hay rides and blow-up halloween decorations in people’s front yards.

But this year…I’m making a bucket list for the fall…! Who is with me?

  • Go to a corn maze
  • Rake Leaves…and jump in them!
  • Carve a pumpkin
  • Go to a football game
  • Bake something pumpkin
  • Decorate my front porch/house
  • Pick apples
  • Tipp City Mum Festival

Sooo…do you have any other suggestions for me to add to my list?

Local friends, are there any local fall festivities I should know about and plan to take part in?