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It’s been a long time since I’ve done A Day In the Life post. I think the last one I did was when Tera was a few weeks old and my whole life consisted of feeding Tera, changing diapers, feeding Tera, and patting myself on the back if I did anything beyond that!

Life is a little bit different now, and especially now that Theo is working 7-4 every day.

So come walk with me through my day! This was a Tuesday and it’s a pretty typical day for me.

I start the day at 7:00. Theo gets up at 6 and is out of the house by 6:30. But now I’m up, I get myself a cup of tea and I sit down to my devo’s. The house is quiet and I love this time.


I spend 20-30 minutes doing my devotions, and then on this particular day I’m rushing to put some last minute touches on a blog post. Tera is still asleep, and my computer is NOT working so I have to get Theo’s and work on both computers. While I’m doing this, Tera wakes up. I have a rule that I should not have the computer or my phone out while Tera is awake, so I hurry to finish up the blog post before I go get Tera. She usually just talks to herself in the morning 🙂



I get Tera, change her diaper, get her dressed and make my bed. I also try to clean up my bedroom a little bit. Somehow while we sleep it gets super messy. Honestly, how does that happen? I know if I clean the bedroom first thing in the morning it helps to get me going and then its done!


After Tera’s bottle, I have a workout time- usually not more than 40 minutes. This particular day we went for a hard run and it was great. This is one of Tera’s favorite times of the day.


Next up! Breakfast! Tera eats an egg, a strawberry and some cheerios every day. She loves it! I ate a bowl of granola and some leftover smoothie from the night before.


While Tera plays on the floor, I put dinner in the crockpot. On this particular day, I had a meal in the freezer that was all put together and I just had to dump it in the crockpot. It was SOOOO easy-peasy! I need to do that much more often!


I jump in the shower while Tera unrolls the TP roll, and then I rush to get dressed/ready so we can go to a playdate at the park with other Mom’s in my church.


I get Tera all loaded into the truck, have the diaper bag, have everything ready…go to put my keys in the ignition and MY KEY IS NOT THERE! What?? I frantically text Theo and ask him where my key is…but no response because he is not allowed to have his phone except at lunch time. I talk myself out of a panic/moody attitude and assure myself that there must a good reason my key is not on my key ring. Besides, we were already 30 minutes late and it is Tera’s nap time, and a bad attitude won’t help anything at all.


Tera gets a bottle and then lays down for a nap. She’s a great sleeper now and I hardly ever have any problems laying her down. It’s about 10:30 in the morning now.


As soon as Tera is down, I clean the bathroom. I thrive off of being organized, so I have a different chore each day. They usually take somewhere between 10-40 minutes, so it’s not a huge chunk of my day. Tuesday is bathroom cleaning day, which includes scrubbing the toilet, sink and tub and sweeping and mopping the floor.


As I’m cleaning the bathroom, I hear the front door open and there is Theo! It’s SO nice having him work so close to home. He can come home for lunch if he is given enough time.


Theo eats his lunch and we talk for 20 minutes and then he heads back to work! Tera is still napping so this is my blogging time. During this time I also send out a couple of emails, respond to any messages or comments I might have, scan some paperwork and send it to our caseworker for foster care. And please notice that I still haven’t finished drinking my tea…


And Tera’s awake!! I love her smiling face I go get her up from her nap. We always fling open the door and sing “GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING! ARE YOU AWAKE?”. Even if it’s a late afternoon nap we still say good morning. She loves it.


Diaper change! She likes to roll over, crawl away and simultaneously take all the wipes out of the container. It makes diaper changes an Olympic sport!!!


Tera gets a small bottle and then it’s lunch time! My lunch, Tera’s lunch and Moose’s lunch.


I get Tera down from her highchair and clean her off, which takes a good 10 minutes. I’ve been putting off doing the dishes, so I get to work on putting away the clean ones and washing the dirty ones.

Now keep in mind that washing dishes with a baby around is nothing like washing dishes by yourself. I wash about two dishes, then realize that Tera is doing something she isn’t supposed to. So I dry my hands, redirect her attention and then go back to washing dishes. Repeat this process at least 20 times. I wish I was joking. On this particular day, I was washing away (three dishes in a row! It’s a record!), when I turn around just in time to see Tera dump the whole bowl of Moose’s water.


So I stop to mop up all the water, then continue on with my dishes washing. I’m finally done with that horrid chore, and next up I need to clean up her high chair and the floor under it.


I have learned that it’s just best to do these things as soon as lunch is over. Otherwise the food sits there and gathers fruit flies or worse. It’s just gross, and it’s a chore I hate….but I just grit my teeth and do it. And once it’s done I’m always happy! Of course, sweeping the floor with Tera there is about as easy as washing the dishes with her there, too.


The kitchen is clean and I have a package to run to the post office, so off we go! We had located my keys when Theo came home for lunch. He had taken my truck key off the keychain because he couldn’t find his keys and needed to take mine to get himself to work. Only then he found his and ended up using his own keys to get to work, hence why I had my own keyring without my truck key on it. And to be fair, he put it in a safe and obvious spot for me to find. Haha. So to the post office we go. The library is right around the corner so I also decide to stop in there. Only Tera does not follow any of the rules of the library and screeches/talks very loudly the whole time until I decide to leave. I remind myself that next time I should go to the library WITHOUT Tera.


Back home and it’s time for nap #2 for Tera! I give her a bottle and lay her down.


I spend a good chunk of her nap time doing continuing ed for my essential oils. I find this fun and enjoy doing it! I also work a little more on my blog. Nap time always seems to go by fast when I’m so busy!


Tera wakes up and Theo is home! Yay! She has someone to keep her busy!


Theo runs to the store and takes Tera with her, so for the first time I have some time to myself! And what do I do with that time? Well, I worked on sending some emails regarding questions I have gotten about essential oils, scan some more paperwork for our case worker and work on the remaining dinner prep. Theo tells me I have a problem with not relaxing…he may be right.

IMG_3019 IMG_3020

We eat dinner a little bit late on this day, and after dinner time Theo and I divide and conquer….I clean up the dishes and the toys while he gets her ready for bed with a bath, a little Bible story reading and a bottle.

IMG_3052 IMG_3053

Once Tera is in bed, we do a little happy dance and usually collapse into our bed for an evening of relaxing. So there you go…I do relax. I will catch up on Instagram and Facebook, we will watch some Netflix or read our books. We usually head to bed around 10:30. And that is a day in my life!




What about you? I’d love to hear about a typical day in your life! I’d also love to do a guest post about it! Feel free to email me at [email protected] if you have any contributions to the blog!

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