5 on Friday

It’s FRIDAY! Yay!


I’m going to start doing something new on Fridays, and posting a short and sweet list of 5 things I’m loving this week and what we are doing this upcoming weekend!


  1. April the Giraffe.  I am a full-blown April the Giraffe addict. I cannot stop watching. For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about….there is a giraffe at a petting zoo in NY who is pregnant and about to give birth. The funny thing is that the people at the park said she was ready to give birth at the beginning of March. Well, the poor thing is about ready to pop and there are THOUSANDS of people watching her on a live camera, just waiting for the birth to happen. I think there are a couple reasons I can’t stop: 1. FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). I’ve now invested way too much time in staring at this giraffe’s back end. How unfortunate would it be if she finally gave birth when I’m out grocery shopping or *gasp* sleeping? 2. Viral things fascinate me. What is it about this giraffe in particular that made it go viral? 3. Every pregnant woman in the world can relate on some level to poor April the Giraffe. Everyone is watching and waiting, staring at your large girth that is about to pop. And laying down is no small feat. Contractions are intense. 4. Birth. Birth is amazing and beautiful. I am just so drawn to seeing this happen! Anyways, now you need to go see if April the giraffe is about to give birth!
  2. Castaway Bay GIVEAWAY!  Don’t forget to enter the giveaway for day passes to Castaway Bay! It ends tonight!!
  3. EEEEK! I’m SO excited! I have always wanted a personalized family portrait. I had a sweet friend and fellow foster Mom reach out to me and offer to make one of our family! Not only that, but she totally understands the family dynamics and is including Abi in the portrait, too! I cannot wait!!! You can check out Kimberly’s Etsy shop here.
  4. Guys, I usually tend towards minimalism, and I’m not often guilty of putting random things in internet shopping carts. But when my friend Eryka starts a Teach Tuesday blog series and tells me alllll about the most fabulous educational toys, I just cannot get enough!!! My Amazon shopping cart might be full on Tuesdays!
  5. This weekend in the Dayton area we are busting out of the house! The weather is supposed to be in the 60s and we will most likely hit up John Bryan State Park, maybe even go to a food truck rally, and will probably take Tera to an Easter Egg hunt or two! What are you up to this weekend?


Happy Friday!!!


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