Family Photos for 11 & the Photographer Who Knocked it Out of the Park

Sometime this past summer, my Mom and I decided that we wanted family photos taken of our whole family. 11 people. 4 of them 3 years old and younger.

Since my parents live overseas, they don’t get to see their grand babies very often, and they certainly don’t get to take many photos with them! We wanted professional photos done that would be really special and will hopefully be framed on the walls for years to come.

We finally picked a date that we would all be together (Kiah’s birthday weekend) and then I was tasked with finding a photographer.

After doing a bit of research, I landed with

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Dayton Turkey Trot Half Marathon

On Sunday, I ran my 2nd ever half marathon! My Dad also participated in the race and ran the 5k. We ended up having a lot of fun, although I did learn a lot through the experience.

If you read my post yesterday, you know that the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving were a bit rough for our family. Colds, lice and the flu with a grand finale of a sinus infection for me. I honestly didn’t even know if I was going to be able to run the half but I decided to push through and just run it!

Prior to everyone in our household being sick, I was feeling fabulous with my training. I ran 12 miles and felt like I could probably run my 13point1 in 2 hours. But then I was sick for two weeks and didn’t run once. I managed to squeeze in one more 10 mile run but my sinuses were terrible and I was not feeling it.

By Saturday I started to feel much better, but my only goal was to actually finish the 13.1 miles without walking.

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Spending the Night in Jail: Jailhouse Suites


Have you ever spent the night in jail?

I can officially say that I have! Although…this jail was nothing like the real jails out there. This historic building was build in 1978, and was the Yellow Springs Jailhouse until 1929. Since then, it has been converted into the most adorable bed and breakfast!

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Cookie Cutters Hair Cuts

If you know the Hines at all, you know we are always looking for a bargain. If it can be DIY’ed, we DIY it. I always joke that we are frugal to a fault, but in many ways we have to be. When we first got married, we knew that we couldn’t really afford to spend money on haircuts. Thankfully, it was just the two of us and Theo soon decided we could cut his own hair. “We” quickly turned into HIM when we discovered that I should not be going within 10 feet of anyone with the intention of cutting hair.

Yes, in this frugal household one of the only things I will pay to get professionally done is our hair.

I took Tera in for her first haircut about a year ago. The guy insisted that he was great at cutting kids hair and Tera sat perfectly still the whole time.

I cried and Theo laughed when we saw the end result. NOT what I was hoping for.

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