10 Simple and Fun Activities to do with my Kids

On Wednesday, I wrote a post about actually spending time with my kids AND ENJOYING IT!

Another trick that I have recently tried out is having a small list of fun and simple activities that I can do withy kids.

Some days it’s only 4 pm and I feel like I’ve been entertaining my kids all day and I just don’t have anything left to do.

I mean, let’s be real…

Some days it’s 9 am and I feel like I’ve been entertaining my kids all day and don’t have anything left to do.

One thing that is always helpful is to have a small list on hand of things that I can do. That way, I don’t have to waste my brainpower trying to come up with something that will keep everyone entertained or happy.

Now, if you don’t know me well…you know that I’m not much of a Pinterest Mom. I can do the odd craft here and there, and I’m THRILLED to do some preschool at home, but this list of activities are literally FUN and SIMPLE activities to do when the days are long and the minutes need to pass by a little bit faster. They require almost no materials, are all FREE and require minimal cleanup.


  1. Read some books to the kids. Make it a game! You pick one, now I pick one. Pick a red one. Pick one with an animal on the front. Pick one that has a B on the cover.
  2. Pull out the colored pencils and a good ‘ol fashioned coloring book. No explanation needed here, but I guarantee that the kids attention span for coloring will increase greatly if we do it WITH them.
  3. Fill up the bathtub or sink with water and PLAY. You could all get IN the tub, or just play outside the tub. Bonus points, if you expect and plan for water EVERYWHERE, it won’t seem like a huge inconvenience.
  4. Go for a walk. Yes, it may be hot or cold or raining or snowing, but sometimes just going for a walk no matter what the weather is like is worth it in the end!
  5. Have a dance party. Turn on some music and dance! Or play freeze dance!
  6. Sit or Lay on the Floor in the Playroom and play with whatever toys they bring. This is a fun one because it literally requires no planning on my part. I just have to sit down, or lay down…and let them do the rest of the work! It’s amazing how a sitting parent is automatically the center of the room.
  7. Stretch, do yoga or some exercises together. Again, sitting down on the floor and doing something will automatically gather the children around. Instead of doing this as a “workout” for us as Moms, do it as a guided time for the kids to stretch or have a little energy burning workout.
  8. Color on a piece of paper for someone else. Think of someone who could use an encouragement or just some fun in their mailbox. Draw on a piece of paper together and take it out to the mailbox!
  9. Blow Bubbles. If you don’t have any on hand, you can make some using dish soap and a flyswatter! Or just pull out the bubbles
  10. Go check the mail and make something out of the junk mail. This could be anything from making a collage with the newspaper, throwing the newspaper at each other, coloring on the junk bills or playing mailman with the mail.

What else would you add to the list? Do you have any go-to activities that you like to do with your kids?

The Desire to Spend Time with My Children


These are the words that I hollered at my kids yesterday.

And probably the day before.

And most likely the day before that, too.

It seems like the needs of my kids are never ending. If I finally give Tera something to do that will keep her entertained, Kiah will come and plow through, causing a ruckus that I have to step in and mediate.

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Gender Predictions for Baby #3…

Today’s the day!

Today is the day that we go in for our 20 week anatomy ultrasound. This ultrasound is very important because during it, they take a lot of measurements and check out every inch of our growing baby. They measure head size, heart size, organ size, limb size, etc. This will most likely be the only ultrasound I have this pregnancy and it will ultimately let us know if our babe is growing healthy and “normal”, or if we have some unexpected circumstances on our horizon.

This is also the ultrasound that will allow us to see what gender our baby is!

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June Life Lately

Oh, June. What a month.

We started the month out as a family of five who was under a lot of stress and ended the month as a family of four, reeling but relieved of a lot of stress. It’s all a mishmash of emotions and experiences and we are still processing so much of what has happened. Because of that, June was a really crazy month for us. We did a lot, but it was a lot of enjoyable things that brought some life into our home.

We kicked off the month with Heavenly being done with school for the SUMMER! We had our annual water balloon fight to welcome her home from school and she was able to have some friends over to throw more water balloons and burn some school papers.

The first Saturday off school, Heavenly and I “ran” the color vibe 5k! You can read my full recap here.

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Skydive Greene County

On June 20th, Theo was able to cross a major bucket list item off…he went skydiving! It was his first time, and I promise you it will not be his last!

I wanted to take a whole post to highlight this experience and the place that we used for his first skydiving experience: Skydive Greene County.

From beginning to end, we LOVED the experience at Skydive Greene County. They were professional and organized, but at the same time laid back and relaxed- it made for a really fun experience!

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