Quarterly GOAL Check-In

Can you believe that it’s already April, and it’s already time to do my first quarter goal check in? To be honest, I haven’t thought too much about my goals for the year, so I’m nervous to be writing this post. But that is exactly why I schedule these quarterly check-ins…to check in on my goals and see where I need to refresh/tweak/reevaluate! It’s ok if some of these goals aren’t happening, but its also ok to give myself a good kick in the pants for the goals that I have been completely slacking on.

How are you doing with your goals for the year?


  • Memorize Ps 119 (Certainly not done, and I probably won’t be able to completely accomplish this goal, but I have been working on it!)
  • Learn how to STUDY the Bible, not just read it (YES! I have spent three months in one book of the Bible, and I’ve never done such an in depth study before!)
  • Set an alarm and pray daily (Eh. Need to work on this one).
  • Pray nightly with Theo (This is an on again/off again habit. Need to start with the ON AGAIN part)

Overall: 1/4…but progress is being made!


  • Run 500 miles (So far I’m at 6 miles for the year. LOL. WHERE IS SPRING?)
  • Run a half marathon (Starting to think about this one! Who wants to sign up with me!)
  • Don’t get pregnant (I’m not being flippant or undermining the incredible gift that pregnancy/babies are…my body and my household just truly need a break)

Overall: 1/3

Marriage and Family 

  • Work with Kiah to speak a full sentence (He’s SO CLOSE!)
  • Greet Theo at the door when he comes home; kiss him goodbye when he leaves (Um. Need to work on this one)
  • Start Kindergarten with Tera (I can’t believe that I’m working on her registration for Kindergarten this week!)
  • Take a family vacation (Ft. Myers, FL)
  • Find enjoyment in spending my days with my children (For sure working on this one!)

Overall: 2.5/5


  • Sell our house for profit (It’s getting listed this Friday!!)
  • Downsize to a smaller home (CHECK!)
  • Operate an Airbnb
  • Hang a family photo
  • Host a family or activity 2x a month
  • Bake bread weekly
  • Have an open door policy(To me, this means having people come over even when it’s not pencilled on the calendar or my house is still a mess. So far I have done this about once a week and I LOVE it.)

Overall: 5/7


  • Brush my teeth 2x a day (I was doing so well and then when we moved, I lost the habit!)
  • Write 1 card/note a week (This is one of my favorite things to do on a Sunday afternoon)
  • Publish a book (I’m SO CLOSE to being able to cross this one off the list!!!)
  • Read 50 books (15/50)
  • Keep a book/podcast journal(While I love Goodreads, I also love keeping a written record of the books I’ve read! Need to work on the podcast journal part, though!)
  • Leave phone in the other room at night

Overal: 2.5/6

Blog/Social Media 

  • Create the Enjoyment Project (Make sure you sign up if you haven’t already!)
  • Less posts, more reach
  • Blog redesign
  • Less rambling, more intentional posting
  • Interact with the followers that I have
  • Treat it like a business- more professional hours, less random scrolling. More investment; more return on that investment.

Overal: 3/6

And there you have it! Quarter one is DONE! I’ve accomplished some goals, I’ve worked on some goals and some goals I really need to start working on in order to make them a habit.

How are you doing on your New Year’s Goals?

March Book List

I’ve been strong on my reading game lately! In March, we took a 15+ hour road trip one way, so I attribute most of my reading from those two days I spent in the car. HA.

What are you reading lately? I’d love to hear about it!

Can’t Nothing Bring Me Down

I picked up this book because it claimed that it was a book about the oldest runner in the world. Well, running was hardly mentioned in the book at all, but I was so drawn in I didn’t mind. Ida Keeling grew up to immigrant parents in the Bronx. Anything that would qualify as a “hard knock life” happened to her. Growing up in a tough neighborhood in NYC, as a racial minority and immigrant, Miss Ida overcame thousands of hurdles in her life. This was a powerful memoir/story and I found my jaw dropping many times. I do wish it had focused a little more on running, but I was very impacted by this story. It was a very quick and easy read.

The Danish Way of Parenting

I don’t LOVE all parenting books, but I do love parenting books that focus on parenting in other cultures, and this book did not disappoint. According to studies, Danish people are the happiest people in the world. It’s certainly not because of their weather or necessarily their country, but it seems that it is mostly because of their upbringing. This book dove into some of the key ways that Danish children are raised compared to their American counterparts. I really enjoyed reading this book and getting some fantastic parenting tidbits. I found that I do tend to naturally parent more “Danish” than “American”. This book did have a few concepts and chapters that I didn’t agree with, but it was one of those books that I could take the gold nuggets and leave the rest.

Girl in Translation

I needed a fun novel to read on our road trip to Florida, so I grabbed this book off a display shelf. I actually really loved it! A young Chinese girl immigrates to America with her mother. While her mother works for minimum wage in a factory, Kimberly immerses herself more and more into the American culture that she is growing up in. The book takes the reader delicately through something that is not delicate at all: cross cultural transitions. I laughed and I even cried a little, and I felt so very connected to the characters. It was light enough for a novel, but heavy enough to not be pure fluff.

I Capture the Castle

I still can’t fully grasp how I feel about this book. As far as the plot, it was fairly slow, like talking a slowwww walk through a meadow with a toddler. At the end there was a plot twist, like when the slow, ambling toddler decides to sprint around. The descriptive writing in this novel was excellent, but I think descriptive writing has fallen out of popularity these years- popular books seem to be written more as blog posts with as few characters as possible. This book took me awhile to get through, but it was a beautiful piece of work. The most wonderful part of this book is the character development- the main character goes from a young, naive girl to a mature woman. Character development is not always the most interesting piece of a book, but in this case it was the star of the show. I recommend this one, but only for seasoned readers. Don’t pick it up if you are struggling to get into the habit of reading.

Garden City 

The last book I read this month was Garden City. I had conflicting feelings about this one, as did most of the Internet. It seems that some people really disliked his unique writing style- broken up paragraphs and shorter sentences that pack more punch. I actually liked his writing style. He writes as if you were sitting in the room talking to him, which is similar to how I write, so I felt that I connected with him. The premise of this book is that man was made to work (not labor, but work) and we should find great joy in what we do/choose to do with our days. He also devotes an entire section to rest, and an entire section to the new earth that the Bible speaks of. Some of his chapters and ideas really inspired me to think and to search how to apply that to my life. But some of his thoughts left me thinking “huh?”. I found that he wrote his opinions as facts and some of them just didn’t quite work with me. Anyways, I do recommend this book for some of the great ideas and tidbits, especially on rest and the Sabbath. However, it is important to go into a book like this knowing your own overview of theology and what you might not agree with- and why!

You can check out my other 2019 book reviews here: January // February

March Life Lately

March has come and gone and I’m so excited to put this recap together! February is one of my least favorite months of the year, and March always feel like the last mile of a marathon- so much light and hope, but also WILL THIS WINTER EVER END?

We always say if we make it to Theo’s birthday (March 19), we have survived winter. One more winter under our belts…WELCOME SPRING!

We started off the month of March just getting settled into our new home. The transition has gone really well, but it has also been rather stressful. As soon as we moved out of our house, we opened our Airbnb so I have been running back and forth cleaning the apartment. Usually, I take the kiddos with me and they “help” me clean.

Tera dropped naps A LONG time ago, and Kiah is starting to do the same. He usually skips and nap and then is so exhausted that he sleeps great during nap time for the next two or three days. Sometimes he starts to play and then falls asleep.

It kind of reminds me of this one time Tera fell asleep on top of her dresser…

On the first day of March, our van died a slow and painful death. Actually, that is not true. It died a very quick and abrupt death in the middle of an intersection. But that’s not a pleasant memory, so let’s move on. It’s currently March 30th and we are still looking for a replacement vehicle.

March was also the month that we took our family vacation to Florida! I wrote two entire blog posts about that trip, which you can read and here (Pt 1- the Wedding and pt 2- the vacation).

Daily life with three kids can be really hectic and chaotic and it’s a blessing, but every once in awhile I have to LOOK for those joy moments because they aren’t coming to me naturally. Kiah really wanted to hold Ezra, and this was the result. Don’t worry, they were both very happy with this arrangement.

Ezra turned four months old on the 19th! It doesn’t seem possible that he is already four months old. No, sir. You need to stop growing up so fast.

So, I try hard to not post negative things about my children. It’s a delicate balance between being “real” and “slandering” my children. I usually refrain from posting temper tantrums, fights, arguments, bad attitudes, etc. I usually ask myself if they would be embarrassed if this picture resurfaced when they are teenagers. HOWEVER, the following picture sums up the sibling relationship perfectly and I sincerely hope that my children double over with laughter when they see this picture as teenagers/young adults…

They were fighting over the chair and one person let go. Please note that we do indeed have two of that exact chair.

The kids and I braved the USAF Museum for a Family Day. Honestly, I’m so blessed by these children and the fact that they can handle an entire morning out with just Mom. I always feel a little frantic and scattered trying to keep everyone from running under the ropes, etc, but for the most part we do it with ease. Usually I’m the one with the HANGRY meltdown by the end.

Tera’s imagination is in full force these days!

For the last three months, I have made it a priority to have a tea time/snack time with the kids. I’ll write another blog post on this later, but I wanted to start documenting the simplicity of this routine…

Our MOPs group had a playdate to the fire station! It was a blast, but since all of our kids are preschool age, it was pretty crazy! We had 40 kids, probably all under the age of 5!

Theo had a birthday this month, and somehow I didn’t take any pictures of Theo on his birthday…but of course the kids got in lots of pictures!

A lot of days in March have been spent at our house working on getting it ready to list/sell. So much painting and cleaning!

This month one of my challenges has been to get on the floor and play with my kids without any interruptions. The Enjoyment Project Challenge is to do this for 10 minutes a day.

This kid rolled over for the first time! Doesn’t he look so proud of himself?

Tera got this Melissa and Doug puzzle and we discovered that it’s actually kind of hard to do. But she did it a few times with help and now can do it all by herself! We also have been enjoying Library Story Time SO MUCH!

This kid. He’s just the sweetest and the funniest.

The end of March is FINALLY bringing some warmer spring days. After some very stressful days of working on the other house, we decided to just take a family day off and enjoy the sunshine. It was AMAZING!

That is a wrap on March! What a month. April…we are ready for you!

As always, if you want to follow along with daily life, the best place to find me is on Instagram Stories.

Here are my top read posts in March:

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3 Things

As life has gotten crazier and blogging has gotten a bit more sporadic, I find myself trying to cram so many things into one blog post. I am hopefully providing content for everyone who needs resources, but I find that I am writing less about our family and the goings-on around here. I usually do one big dump post at the end of each month, but I really want to do better at recording family memories on this space here. I know it won’t make me any money and it probably won’t even spark much interest, but it is what I love and I would like to work on that. I also have realized that while both kid #1 and kid #2 got monthly blog posts, Ezra has not had a single one!

In the spirit of still keeping it simple, I just want to record three things that are going on in each of our lives right now…


  1. Theo truly loves his job. He’s good at it and enjoys most of his coworkers. It’s a good job and it’s perfect for him. While there is much turmoil in our country over LEOs and their reputations, we are so content that God has Theo in this position.
  2. Theo is the best Dad! He truly is. He is just as capable as me of handling all three at once, and I’m pretty sure that he is the go-to parent for both kids who aren’t dependent on me for food. Ha.
  3. Theo is so excited to begin pursuing rental investment properties. This is a dream that has been a long time in coming, and we are finally starting to take those big, big steps. Also, let’s be real…Theo loves anything that is adventurous and exciting. So buckle up because life with us with NEVER be boring!
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The Enjoyment Project Challenge #3: Get Down With Your Kids

Happy Friday!!! It’s time to being The Enjoyment Project Challenge #3!!

Admittedly, this one is a little bit more time consuming than the previous two challenges. It does take a little bit more intentional effort. But remember…it is a CHALLENGE, which by nature takes some effort. Also, remember that when you are faced with a challenge, what you put into it is what you will get out of it.

So, for the next 21 days my challenge to you is this: Get down on the floor with your kiddos for 10 minutes every day.

Yes, the floor is hard. Yes, 10 minutes can seem like a long time when legos are just not as necessarily as laundry and lunch. Yes, acting like a duck and laying eggs in a nest is not exactly my idea of fun, either.

But do you know who will LOVE this? Your kids. They will eat it up. They will look forward to that 10 minutes every single day. In fact, I bet that they will ask for MORE time when that minutes is over. For now, let’s start with 10. If you feel like you can do more than 10 minutes, DO MORE. Please. But if you feel like 10 minutes is very difficult, then just start with 10 minutes. Every day. For the next 21 days.

Oh, and one more very, very important detail.

NO PHONES. No planner or to-do lists or your own book and agenda. Just 10 minutes on the floor or at the table or in the driveway with your child doing an activity of their choice.

I promise it will change your outlook on your child and your relationship with him/her if you actually commit to doing this challenge.

Let’s enjoy our children!!!

P.S. Are you signed up to receive the emails about this challenge? Email is the best way for me to reach you with updates and encouragements about the challenge. I promise that there is no spam and I don’t use the email list for anything outside of The Enjoyment Challenge. To sign up, you can go here and enter your name + email address!