16 weeks!

Sorry this picture is blurry…you get the point, though. I honestly don’t know what happened. Blame it on the iphone.

How Far Along: 16 weeks. Finally feel like I’m moving along in this pregnancy.

Size of Baby: An Avocado.

Total Weight Gain: 6 pounds up from my lowest weight this pregnancy! 

Maternity Clothes: I went through my wardrobe and pulled all the shirts and pants that won’t be wearable for the next few months. Then, I organized my closet with the clothes that will soon be out and have been wearing those. Every couple days I wear something that I think, “Well, that’s the end of that until after baby!” haha. Yesterday I wore some jeans that had the little one pushing on my bladder, and it literally HURT. Today, I’m wearing the same jeans with a belly band. They are a little lose unbuttoned, but they will work for now!

Gender: Ya’ll….I have no clue. 

Movement: It could happen any day now…I’m waiting!

Sleep: Without fail, I wake up once at 4:30 am. I use the bathroom and feed the “starving” cat, then go right back to sleep. Sleep has been horribly uncomfortable, but better this week than the last 3 weeks. 

What I miss: I miss being comfortable at night. I miss wearing my normal clothes…already.

Food Cravings: Really, anything I see looks good to me, but I still air on the side of carbs and spicy/salty food. I’ve started enjoying cooking even more lately than before pregnancy…

Food Aversions: Basically, anything I ate in that 6-10 week span when I was sick sounds AWFUL to me. I had Panera once, and now the thought of Panera makes me feel sick. I ate chips and spinach dip one day (all day), and the thought of that also sounds awful. I know if I actually got Panera, I wouldn’t get sick, but I’m now associating those sick weeks with whatever I ate… 

Symptoms: Baby bump, second trimester energy in the kitchen, acne (on my neck…??), shallow belly button, EXHAUSTED, uncomfortable at night,

Worst Moment This Week: Both Theo and I have been putting in some extra hours at work, both by choice and not. That’s been stressful, but it has made the week go by much faster!

Best Moment This Week: Telling my students at school was priceless. I had wanted to do it in an interesting way, but so many students were getting picked up early that I just decided to sit them down and tell them. They were delighted and surprised and had so many questions and comments, ranging from name suggestions to telling me I was going to get fat. Since they have found out, they give daily hugs to my little bump and continue to give name suggestions and ask funny questions. I told them on Friday, and on Monday several of the students asked me if I had my baby yet… haha!

Also, in going with the theme I’ve had the past several weeks, one of the best moments this week has been the WEATHER! It’s gotten into the 40s and 50s for the first time since DECEMBER, and I’m thrilled. I wish it was here to stay, but I’m still thankful for the little break from winter.


What I’m Looking Forward To: I’m looking forward to finding out the gender, seeing this tyke on an ultrasound, growing bigger and bigger and of course eventually meeting this babe- even though it seems soooo far away! 

Exercise this week: Praise the Lord for the weather. As soon as it got warm enough for me to tolerate being outside, I have started running again. I have ran two days this week and walked today with Theo. It feels A-MAZING to get outside and be active again. I think next year I am going for a gym membership during the winter.

Only 4 1/2 more weeks until we find out the gender!

Woohoo! This babe is feeling more and more REAL! (not that it wasn’t “real” from the beginning, but I’m finally starting to SEE (and hopefully feel!) this little one more!

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  1. Aunt Natalie says:

    Two things–the missing your clothes will be less if you can buy a few maternity things that you really like. I actually looked forward to the next pregnancy to wear some of them!

    And, food aversions? To this day I can barely stand to eat saltine crackers, twenty-some years later (main anti-nausea food for pregnancy #1) or poptarts (which I then tried for pregnancy #2), and #3, I don’t remember what I nibbled on.

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