20 Weeks: Halfway to Full Term!


How Far Along:
20 weeks! Although pregnancy is normally referred to as 9 months long, once you get pregnant, it seems to suddenly  become 40 weeks instead. This is because a lot of people don’t know exactly when they conceived, and due dates would be really off if they went this way. So instead, doctors measure pregnancy from the last period a woman has. Soooo, technically, using this method, a woman is already around 2 weeks pregnant when she conceives. Interesting, isn’t it? A baby is full term at 40 weeks…which really makes more than 9 months. A baby can be born and still be deemed healthy and full-term anywhere after 37 weeks, though (Although I think I read somewhere this is changing to 39 weeks?). Sooooo, 20 weeks is the halfway mark of pregnancy!

Size of Baby:
This week, baby is the size of a small cantaloupe! Like I said last week, those people who come up with these fruits need to get their heads on straight. It went from a sweet potato to a tomato to a cantaloupe? Also, before 20 weeks the baby is measured from head to rump, since they are all curled up. After 20 weeks, they are measured from head to toe.

Total Weight Gain:
Going on 12 pds. I officially weigh more than I ever had before…even when I came to the States and gained my freshmen 15. Haha.

Maternity Clothes:
Oh, yes! I love them. I live in my Old Navy maternity jeans, my 3-4 maternity tops and t-shirts.

We find out on Tuesday! We are still unsure when/how we will announce the gender. We already have our beautiful names picked out, but that will wait until much further down the line.

Please, go VOTE here for what you think Baby Hines will be!

I’ve been feeling the flutters for the past two weeks, but this week I most certainly felt an actual KICK. I was almost positive that the cat laying on my belly could also feel it, but I don’t know…cause I can’t talk to cats. Unfortunately, Theo was away at work, so he has yet to feel it. But any day now!!!!

I’ve already put in 15 extra hours at work this week, so sleep has been no problemo. When I’m exhausted enough, I just fall right asleep. When I wake up, though, I still feel tired, no matter how long I have slept for.

What I miss:
Being able to bend over. Tying 18 million shoelaces a day is hard work when I can’t really reach them anymore! My students and I have developed a system. I pop a squat, they put their foot on my knee, and I tie their shoe. Although sometimes I just end up full-out sitting down.


Food Cravings:
Spicy has been added to my salty and savory cravings. We got some special fruit for Theo’s birthday and I have been indulging in that, too. So I’m all across the board. I’ll pretty much eat anything.

Food Aversions:
Nothing too serious, just chips and dip still. I don’t really enjoy the smell of raw/cooking meat…but most people don’t anyways.

Getting biggggeer, fast! Exhausted, kicking, going to the bathroom frequently (which is kinda inconvenient when working with children that I am legally not allowed to leave alone…), hunger, immediate full-ness upon eating, feeling much more energy and getting excited to get closer to this little one’s time!

Worst Moment This Week: Working TONS of extra hours at work. I don’t mind the early mornings, but it’s the early morning shifts combined with my afternoon shift that makes it awful.

Best Moment This Week:
Celebrating Theo’s birthday with him. I love birthdays!

Obviously, Moose and BB feel different about birthdays/balloons.


What I’m Looking Forward To:
Finding out the gender of the little one on Tuesday!!!!!


Boy or girl? We think BOY, but we really have NO.CLUE.

Go tell us your vote!



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