Weekly Wrap-Up

Here we are again…another week down!

This week was CRAZY…

Theo and I both adapted insane work schedules to our days. I worked double shifts (meaning I cover my own shift and someone else’s shift back-to-back) on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Theo worked Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, then had a counseling class on Friday evening and all day Saturday. On Thursday, we had scheduled our 3rd homestudy.

On top of all that, Theo’s birthday was on Wednesday, and I knew we needed to do SOMETHING to celebrate his 23 years of life.

So here is a peek at our week!

I was bending over to write something, and BB climbed right up on my back. He immediately settled down and DID NOT want me to stand up. Sorry, mister, there is no way that I’m staying bent over for you take your cat nap…but you are cute. (Sidenote: Aren’t I SO stylish? Plaid pants, striped shirt?)


I ran a marathon back in September…I lost one toenail in January, and now I’ve lost a second… so weird. Just another consequence of making my feet go 26.2 miles without stopping.


On Wednesday, I stopped at the store to get some helium balloons for Theo’s birthday. The cats were TERRIFIED of the noise the balloons made on the ceiling, but kept playing with the dangling strings.


Which led me to tie the balloons to the cats and when Theo got home they ran to him with the balloons bouncing behind them…


I also tied the rest of the balloons to his slippers to welcome him at the door…Happy Birthday, Theo!



I made some homemade pizza for dinner.


Our chicks are GROWING! They still need a few more weeks to grow feathers and lose their down, and then they will be kicked outside to the coop! The 8 white/orange ones are egg layers, and the black ones are special egg layers that lay big eggs. The black ones are also good for eating.


BB wanted to smell my candle…and therefore has curled eyebrows. Hahaha! And he isn’t being choked in this picture…it’s just the only way to get him to pose for the picture!


On Saturday, I went to a consignment sale, and left with a ton of baby clothes and other baby related items. It has made the whole pregnancy thing seem so much more real.


I layed everything out and nearly cried, it was all so precious.


I washed the clothes and it was SO. FUN. having little bitty clothing mixed in with mine and Theo’s clothes.


Boy or Girl, what do you think?


We tried to get Moose to model a onsie…he was having none of it.



After buying all those clothes and washing them, I began the process of folding them to put them away. Then I realized that I have no idea where to put the baby clothes. We plan to co-sleep, so I just figured I wouldn’t need a ‘nursery’. However, I am now realizing that I do need a room for the baby’s STUFF, even if the baby doesn’t actually end up living in it (or it might…it all depends!). So I turned to Theo and said, “what room will we use for the baby’s stuff? The guest room or the office room?” He said, “I don’t know…let’s go look.” Which then turned into a 3-hour project of rearranging/organizing our stuff. We now have a room designated for baby and a room designated for guests/office. Phew. Nesting, much?


Clearly, we still have  A LOT of work to do in baby’s room..but we’ve got time, right??


I am pleased with my new office/craft room, though!


And one last thing to leave you with…

Our plants are growing! Most of the plants have at least sprouted, and some are ready to go into the ground! It looks like we still have a few more weeks until the last frost, but we are excited to get this garden going! I am already learning all that I can about canning/freezing/eating all the various things that we are planting in our garden.



Have a wonderful week!

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  1. Anne Jisca says:

    We cosleep as well, so we’ve never had a nursery. If you don’t have a spare dresser, those plastic drawer things (usually 3 drawers high) from Walmart work well. 🙂

    I asked my husband if we’d have room for our jogging stroller in our trunk, I bring with us to Ohio for you (since we’re not bringing it to Niger), but we don’t. We just have a small car an 3 kids in it. Too bad! Hope you find a good affordable one!

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