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Just a quick post with a couple of links that I have found floating around, that I thought you might also enjoy.

My cousin is pregnant at the same time as me….so fun! She is pregnant with twins, and already has two of her own, so as you can imagine, her life is NOT boring. This blog post shares a story of my extreme blond-ness, and also some funny pictures. Check it out!

This post. I don’t even know who the blogger is, nor do I think that the blog post is particularly riveting, but at the end, she publishes a list of the names of many of the girls who have been kidnapped in Nigera. The hashtag #bringbackourgirls is being used widely to raise awareness and get media coverage for this horrible situation. It can sometimes be hard to do things or feel involved from afar, so one thing that you can do is PRAY. And with this list, you can PRAY for at least one girl by name! Maybe pray for 1-2 a day, until they are returned home safely. Maybe pick one and pray for her daily until she returns. I see many people who have picked names that have significance to them, or they have looked up the meaning of the girls name. I just love that. God had a hand in picking those girls names, and He knows exactly where they are right now. Continue to pray- hard- for these girls and their families.

Call me crazy, but I LOVE reading birth stories. I have had this link open in my browser for weeks…every day I read a couple birth stories. I know some people will caution me against this, but I LOVE hearing the realities of birth, and know what could happen, and know the side effects of certain things. Besides, it’s much better than watching fake births on TV….talk about false expectations!

And really…thats all I’ve got for you for today!

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week…did you know that? Don’t forget to thank all those teachers out there! Especially the ones that have full-time teaching jobs, and then their own children at home. I cannot imagine going from the insanity of other people’s children, to the insanity of my own children. It takes a special person to be a teacher and a Mom!




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