33 Weeks

If you thought my chalkboard last week was bad….then this week truly takes the cake.

I didn’t even do one.

Oh, I had time. I just didn’t have the energy. And it was about 90 degrees in our house. And Theo had so much to do that I couldn’t snag him to snap pictures. Excuses, excuses…I know. Next week, I’m going to be traveling, so I also won’t have a chalkboard update then. But I promise you for week 35, I’ll have something! So for this week, we are just going to go with our regular update and some pictures I’ve snapped in the mirror.

Here I am at 6 weeks (on the left OBVIOUSLY), and 32 weeks on the right. And the little winter scene? I don’t know. I made this on a random app, and I didn’t realize that was there until I had already saved and downloaded. And then….I’m 33 weeks pregnant, so I didn’t have the energy to re-do it. I don’t miss winter AT ALL, but it does look a little bit refreshing in the heat! =)

How Far Along: 33 weeks. Getting closer and closer!

Size of Baby: A pineapple! Wow, that sounds huge! But I believe it..because I feel huge!

At my appointment yesterday, the midwife said she is measuring about a week behind. At the last check-up she was about two weeks behind. So this means that she is growing perfectly well, she’s just petite! And I’ve heard that those measurements aren’t very accurate, anyways.

Total Weight Gain: 27 pounds.

The other day we were driving past a field of cows, and I said “Look! There’s me! A cow!” And Theo responded, “You aren’t a cow!! Do you have skinny legs and a big belly? Wait. Never mind.”


It’s a good thing I was in a good mood at that time, and not a weepy one!

Stretch Marks: None yet…on my belly. But they are certainly on uh, other parts…that grow with pregnancy.

Wedding Rings: They are still on, but the heat really is causing some swelling this week. Usually the heat doesn’t faze me, but the past three days have been well into the 90s, and without air conditioning, the cats and I are just laying around in heat coma’s. Meanwhile, Theo is out mowing the lawn, running errands, weeding the garden, etc, etc. A lot of you people tell me I do too much, and I never stop…but if you think that’s true about me, you should Theo! He does not stop.

Maternity Clothes: Summertime is wonderful for maternity clothes! I can’t tell you the last time I had to squeeze into some jeans with a super uncomfortable belly band.

Gender: Our little girl!

Movement: Yeppers. She loves to push her feet against my side, and then her rump bulges out the top of my belly. It’s adorable.

Also, I am finding that I don’t enjoy it when she gets the hiccups. At first it was cute, now it’s just a constant, rhythmic feeling. It’s not my favorite. Does that make me a horrible mother?

Sleep: Never enough of it. I am now sleeping for 10ish hours a night, and I still walk around all day like I’m in a fog. Maybe I’m getting too much sleep? I don’t think that is possible at this stage…

What I miss: My old clothes, my energy, my old body.

Food Cravings: Cantaloupe. I like to add a little spice to my food, too.

Food Aversions: Still just those darned tortilla chips and ranch dressing. I’m not a fan of the smell of garlic salt, either. And there are certain smells that are starting to make me feel really nauseous, just like they did in the first trimester.

Symptoms: So exhausted. No energy. Nesting. Swollen feet.

Best Moment This Week: Finishing up our birth classes! It’s one more thing off the list of preparations for this little one’s arrival!

Worst Moment This Week: I have felt sick all week. I don’t know if its from traveling last weekend, from eating something not-so-great, from simply being pregnant, from the heat…or a combination of all of the above…but I have not been able to get myself going!

I also poked BB (the cat) in the eye with my fingernail on accident. It swelled up and started oozing and the poor cat didn’t know what to do with himself without an eyeball. He was hardly interested in eating…which is highly unusual for him. He slept all day and finally his eye opened up. That was a little bit traumatic, though!

Exercise This Week: Nope. I’ve gone for a couple walks, but really…no energy? really hot? It just didn’t happen.

What I’m Looking Forward To: Isaiah and Sarah’s wedding this weekend, Jacob and Katie’s wedding the weekend after, a vacation with Theo, a baby shower…and then a month of just rest and getting ready to welcome baby girl!

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  1. Nancy says:

    You just stay right there in front of the fan. That’s where you belong. I remember feeling extra hot when I was pregnant with you. It would be 50 degrees out and I’d have the window wide open. Dad would go get his coat and winter hat on…..usually that was when I was cooking, not all the time.

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