39 weeks!

Ladies and gentlemen…..we have ONE WEEK until due date!


How Far Along: 39 weeks!

Can you tell that I’m sooooooo ready to be done being pregnant???

And my hair. Wow, something needs to be done about that. Whelp, anyways…I’m 39 weeks pregnant, so I have every excuse in the world, right?

Size of Baby: She is the size of a mini watermelon! You better believe it!

She is most certainly head-down and that head sometimes feels likes it’s about to fall right out of me! Tmi? Sorry…but it’s the truth!

And she has been causing LOTS of false labor. I’ve had two rounds of it. One lasting 10 hours. Contractions 5 minutes apart, for at least a minute. The other lasting 8 hours, contractions less than 5 minutes apart and lasting over a minute. And then they would just stop. Now I have a hard time believing my body when it starts having contractions. I have decided to not even get out the timer unless I really think it’s the real deal. It’s just too disappointing to have so much work and then realize nothing happened…

Total Weight Gain: I’ve honestly stopped keeping track. At this point, I am just looking forward to losing the several pounds of baby/amniotic fluid/placenta so I can take some strain off my back and be a little bit more comfortable during regular things like sitting, sleeping, standing, driving in the car, washing the dishes, taking a shower, etc.

Stretch Marks: Somehow I haven’t gained any on my belly!

Wedding Rings: They are a little tight now, but still on! It looks like I’ll make it all the way through pregnancy without swelling problems!

Maternity Clothes: Um, yes. And even some of those are barely covering my belly! haha!

Gender: We are so.ready to meet this baby GIRL!

Movement: Pretty much the same as last week. Lots of movement, but she really seems to be running out of room…and her movements now HURT, no matter what they are. A kick, a punch, a stretch…they all hit me somewhere that is extremely uncomfortable! However, I know that her movements and watching my belly contort is going to be one of the things that I miss most about pregnancy. I need to make sure I am soaking all that up now!

Sleep: Not so great. A lot of trips to go to the bathroom. Trouble getting comfortable. It’s all going to be worth it though..right?

What I miss: My own body. Being able to do a regular thing like standing or sitting without shooting pain, aches or braxton hicks contractions.

Food Cravings: Anything sounds good. Nothing sounds good. Oh, having a baby sounds good.

Food Aversions: None! I actually ate both tortilla chips AND Ranch dressing this week! Not together…but I ate them both and was perfectly fine!

Symptoms: Pregnant. Let’s just say that.

Best Moment This Week: Going to the Ohio State Fair with Theo! And having God send a completely unexpected financial blessing our way!


Worst Moment This Week: I’m going to write another post on this, but just being pregnant has been difficult this week. It’s so near the end, but it’s not the end. Each day I wake up and ask myself, “Is today the day?” and then when I hit bedtime I often cry tears of frustration that it wasn’t the day and I didn’t have a baby. There has been MONTHS of waiting for this very day….but I don’t know what day that is! For a planner like me, this has been really hard. And when I talk to people about it, the frequent answer is, “enjoy it while it lasts…because it’s only going to get harder”, or, “you aren’t even overdue yet, you better prepare yourself for a few more weeks!”. Ok. Thank you. None of that is overly helpful for this overly emotional, in-pain, longing-for-THAT-day girl. I’m honestly trying to do my best to find something to do each day or look forward to each day just so I’m not focusing constantly on the fact that I’m not yet in labor, not yet sharing the joy of our little arrival, not yet, not yet, not yet….

And for the record, I know that it is highly likely that I will still be pregnant for at least 2 more weeks. So those of you who have been through this whole waiting game a time or two…what should I do in those days? The budget doesn’t include retail therapy, or massages, or things like that…so do you have any ideas of things that I can set my mind on each day to keep my mind off of all this waiting?

Exercise This Week: A walk every day! Some days longer than others, but I’m just glad I’m getting out, and hauling myself up and down some hills.

What I’m Looking Forward To: My parents arrive in a week! Eeeeek! I’ve been counting down the days until my due date, but completely forgot that it ALSO means I get to see these people!!! It’s been over a year, and I am sooo excited to spend some time with them in the next month or so.

I’m also VERY excited to meet this little girl! Any day now….right? right? right? I won’t be pregnant forever???



  1. Nancy says:

    I remember those days….feeling like I’d be pregnant forever….struggling to even get out of a chair….standing sideways at the sink….pretty much uncomfortable all the time. Hey, if you’re going to get your hair cut, wait ’til I get there and we’ll go together.

  2. Anne Jisca says:

    You know what? I don’t think it gets harder! It all changes, yes, but it’s not harder. You have your own body back, and you get to learn to care for your own baby. You get to see her, hug her, cuddle her, and soak her in. It doesn’t get harder. I’m a planner too, and those last few days are hard! I always go over several days, but each time I start hoping around 38 weeks that it will happen sooner. 🙂

    If you enjoy cooking/baking, why not find a few new recipes to try out to keep busy? Even simple things like new muffins, scones, pizza toppings (there are TONS of fun and odd ideas online to try out!! So fun!). If you like making cards, try to create a few new styles, prepare some for baby gift thank you’s. Or some other craft like that. Just a few ideas to pass the time!!

    God bless you with a timely and smooth birth. And patience as you wait. 🙂

  3. ivy schlicher says:

    girl! i’ve been reading your blog as jim knowlton sends me the links to certain posts, and i kind of feel like we’re the same person. lol. not sure how you know jim, but i’m glad he’s been sharing your blog with me. it’s been very entertaining to read, and 90 percent of the time i find myself thinking “ME TOO” or “I KNOW” as i read what you’re saying. i just had a baby girl three weeks ago, and i feel like we’ve had very similar pregnancy experiences. i’m excited to read your posts after you’ve had your little girl. can’t wait to see her!

    anyway, i know how you’re feeling in your final days. those movements the baby is making– I KNOW. and the feeling that she’s RIGHT there or pretty much hanging out of you already– I KNOW! just hang in there. my baby wasn’t born until two weeks past her due date (and i was still induced), so… just be prepared for that. lol. but you’ve been having contractions, so maybe you won’t have to wait that long. that’s one thing i didn’t really get to experience from home. there was one day that i thought i was having contractions, but eh, i don’t know. anyway, hang in there. i tried every self-inducing method in the book and.. nothing. /: i got out my sewing machine and looked up how to make baby girl headbands on pinterest and got busy with that. really enjoyed doing that. ummm, what else? that’s about all i wanted to do– crafty things. and eat chocolate. i mean, there wasn’t much i could do. you know how it is. just get a book or some magazines and hang out and read. i don’t know. watch planet earth.

    but okay. i’m excited for you to have your baby, and i wonder if you’re going to write about your labor experience. i would love to read it! this is what i know: contractions are far worse than pushing, so don’t be scared to do that.

    okay. nice to meet you kind of. (: ivy

    • [email protected] says:

      I’m SO glad you commented! I love hearing that people are reading this here blog! I know “Uncle” Jim from back when he was a missionary in Niger…I grew up with his boys.
      I’m so excited to get to the point where I can post that I’ve had her! These last days are by far the toughest of my pregnancy. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one! I hope to write the birth story and put it on here..but we will have to see if it is traumatic or not! I’m sure I’ll still share it if it is, but maybe it will take me a little longer to share it.
      Congrats on your baby girl, too! It’s so fun to hear from you!


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