Show and Tell Tuesday: My Favorite Vacation

Hmmm…vacation. That sounds so good right about now.

Unfortunately, Theo and I are at a time in our lives where money is tight and the child is very dependent, so a grand vacation isn’t in the works. I do understand, however, that our life will not always be this way and that there will be many vacations to come. (And don’t worry! I also understand you can vacation with children! And I plan to! Chill.)

Anyways, I was just reflecting back on vacations that I have had. As a kid, any vacation seemed AWESOME. I’m sure my parents wondered if it was special enough, but I just loved going and staying at a guest house – with air conditioning. I remember how special that felt.

(Hi! If you are new here- I’m a missionary kid and I grew up in Niger, West Africa. So my childhood vacation might take on a very different light than typical American ones!)

We used to drive down to Nigeria and spend a month in Miango, where we would enjoy the cooler temperatures, someone else cooking meals and just some time away from the regular work load.

One year we went to Ghana, twice we went to The Gambia (where my Uncle and Aunt were missionaries).

Me (the blondie), my brother, and my three cousins with my Aunt and Uncle at the beach in The Gambia:

But I think that my favorite vacation of all time was our honeymoon to the Dominican Republic. As a child, I didn’t really “need” vacation…it was just a fun time and it was great to have my parents relax and spend a lot of extra time with us. But as an adult, vacation meant a whole lot more!

People told us to save our money and go on a big trip like this later in marriage, and I can certainly see the wisdom in that. But I honestly don’t regret our trip to paradise! It was a wonderful start to marriage.

Ok, ok! I could post pictures of that vacation allll day! But enough for now. Looking at all those warm pictures makes me want to go somewhere warm with a beach! Maybe this summer we will go for a long drive and have a little vacation!

What about you? What has been your favorite vacation?

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  1. Sarah C. says:

    You should come here! It’ll be really hot, and I know that you might rather just be as a family than stay with someone…and it definitely is a long drive…but it would be fun to have you! 🙂

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