Tera: 8 months going on three years…


So, we have this baby.

And she has SOOOO much personality.

She has this tiny little body.

And them BAM! You realize she is 8 months old but acts like a three year old.

She never stops moving. Ever. No cuddles in the lap for this kid. She miiiight pause for 3 minutes to eat but then she is off again!

She is so opinionated it’s ridiculous. She doesn’t want to play with that toy. She would much rather play with my magazines or bookmarks or something that is off limits.

Or lets talk about nap time. She would rather put herself to sleep than be rocked to sleep and layed down.

Maybe all kids are like this, and I just didn’t realize it until I had my own. But what is a blog post without pictures? I’ll give you some pictures to prove that my child is growing, growing, growing way too fast!!

Scene 1:


She loves to lounge in her high chair. Also, see those little pink yogurt drops on her tray? She will do anything for those and cheerios. ANYTHING. Also of note: she propped her like up like that and then pooped. Whatever works for you, kid.

Scene 2:



She REFUSED to sleep, which is not at all unusual around here. We knew she needed a nap, so we layed her down to sleep with a lot of screaming and yelling and kicking. For several minutes we let her cry it out but that obviously wasn’t working. So step 2 was quiet time in her bed. We will give her some toys to play with but she has to stay in her bed. She was quietly playing in her bed when we found her like this. Yes, fast asleep.

I have no picture of evidence of this, but this past Sunday in nursery she was apparently playing on the floor when she proceeded to lay herself down on the floor in the middle of the nursery and fall asleep. This was with several other babies and several workers present. She won’t sleep for me…but when she decides she wants a nap? There is no stopping her!

Scene 3:

And then there is the stairs. Tera has wanted to conquer these thing since she was able to focus on them through her blurry vision. Ok, maybe since she started crawling. But she always stands herself up at the bottom step and looks longingly at the top. One day, Theo decided he would help her.


Up a little higher (with help, of course). And no…she didn’t loser her pants between steps 1 and 2, this was a later time in the same day.


And on to step 3…how is the view up there, girlfriend?




Scene 4:

The whole standing deal! When did my baby start to stand???

Oh, yeah…approximately 3 days after she learned to crawl.


This is all fine and dandy except the kid cannot get herself down! So she stands herself up and does this number:


And can even do this one:


But cannot figure out how to get herself back down. So dear Mommy has to drop whatever she is doing to go and rescue the poor “stuck” child about 19,000 times…a minute. Because pulling herself up on things is the favorite ever.

But I do have to say…me rescuing her from the stand up position is far better than the alternative, which is “let go and let my head catch me”. True fact.

Oh, Tera-girl…we love you. Life with you has never been boring, and I have the feeling that it never will be. We adore you, but I just have to tell you… PLEASE STOP GROWING UP SO FAST!!!!



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