Tera Evelynne: 9 months






9 months!

Our beautiful girl is 9 months old, and each stage is my new favorite stage!

I took her 9 month pictures today and she suddenly looks SO GROWN UP!!!

She’s getting hair:


And eyelashes:


She can play somewhat independently:


I have decided that if babies popped out 6 months old, I would be content to always have babies. That whole newborn thing is not my favorite. But this baby thing? Now this I LOVE!


Weight/Length: 16 pounds! She now weighs as much as Moose!!


Eating: Ugh.

We are going through a stage. At least I’m hoping and praying that this is a stage.

Tera will not eat.

Oh, she loves food. She loves milk. But she loves socializing and playing much, much more than eating. She hates to be spoon fed and has to feed herself. I’m all on board with that, except I have no idea how much she actually eats. After seeing her high chair and the floor after lunch, I panic a little inside wondering how much food actually made it to her stomach.

Due to teething, she has also started to reject drinking milk. Due to her lack of effort in drinking, my supply has decreased dramatically and I’m sad to say that it seems like we are at the end of our breast feeding journey. I’d say 9 months is pretty good. It’s funny…I was not really enjoying breast feeding and was looking forward to the day that I could quit. But now that this day is here, I am SUPER sad.

Actually, I should also say that Tera loves any food. She just has to eat it in her own way on her own time.


Sleeping: Champ!

We went from Tera being a horrible sleeper, to her sleeping GREAT! She takes two naps a day that are each over an hour long. She sleeps from 8-11 pm, and then we give her a bottle of formula and she will usually sleep until 7 or 8 am. Let me tell you what…sleep is not overrated. Sleep has changed my life. I’m loving being a Mommy when I can get 7-8 hours of sleep a night!


Clothing/Diapers: Just yesterday I put away all her 3-6 month clothes. Our tiny peanut is finally officially in 6 month clothes! Please note…she is 9 months old.

We are loving cloth still!

Personality: Tera may be tiny…but she has a HUGE personality. She is easy-going, but dramatic. She is sweet, but also sometimes a terror. She loves, loves, loves, LOVES people. She has preferences, and she isn’t afraid to show them. She is stubborn. But our Tera girl is ADORABLE. Sometimes I just sit and watch her, touch her soft hair and look at her big blue eyes.

I wonder what plans God has for her life.

Loves: Tera is such a happy girl and loves life. Seriously, she wakes up giggling and stays that way pretty much the whole day.


  • MOOSE! He is her favorite thing. EVER.
  • Daddy
  • Being outside
  • People
  • All foods (when she decides it’s worth her time to eat them)
  • Her doll
  • Going for walks/runs
  • Bath Time
  • Playing with clothespins
  • Swinging



  • Being spoon fed
  • Taking the time to eat
  • Getting a diaper change

New Developments:


  • Crawling over obstacles- nothing stops this girl! She is CONSTANTLY crawling everywhere!


  • Pulling herself up (on anything!). She can pull herself up on the wall.


  • Getting herself down…that was an issue for a while. She can finally get herself down when she pulls herself up.
  • Teeth. We have teeth coming in. At least four of them!
  • Standing on her own without holding onto anything. It only lasts about 5 seconds, but she can do it!
  • Saying ‘words’. She repeats some of her words often. She does say ‘dada’ and ‘yaya’, but we are not convinced that she knows what she is saying. One day soon it will click, and then my sanity will be history!


Daddy and Mommy: Phew, I forgot how busy the summer is! And how much I LOVE warm weather! We have been busy planting our garden, fixing up all the landscaping at our house, Theo has started his mowing job, and mows 12 lawns in addition to our own HUGE yard. Theo has had some shift changes at his current job and they are not very fun. We are hoping and praying for a new job for Theo. ‘Mommy’ is loving having sleep and being able to go outside of the house. I have time now to manage my household, work in the kitchen, support Theo in his jobs and take care of Tera. Honestly, I wasn’t doing any of that when Tera wasn’t sleeping. I’m working here and there babysitting or going into the learning center and substitute teaching. It’s always nice to have a little change of pace and make some extra money. Our house renovations are coming along slowly but surely and I would like to have three more rooms done and before and after pictures on the blog sometime soon!

And that’s all for now! Crazy that in just 3 months my baby will be a year old!!!



39 weeks in…39 weeks out


P.S.S. The necklace Tera is wearing is not a fashion statement…although it is cute! It is an amber necklace. Some people swear that the minerals in amber helps with pain…chronic pain, teething pain…

Well, Tera has been struggling a lot with teething pain this week, and it really does seem to be helping. So there you have an explanation of the necklace she is wearing.

P.S.S.S. Hahahahahahaha. Outtakes


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