24 things for 24

Today I’m 24! Woohoo!

Birthdays have always been my favorite holidays! I love that we each get to celebrate one special day and remember the years that we have been given on this earth!

Birthdays have suddenly gotten less exciting when I have a little one. For some reason, I’m more excited about her birthday in August than I am about my own birthday today! Hahaha! Motherhood problems!

So, I thought I would write a list of goals that I have for my 24th year of life. 24 things, because I’m super creative like that. So here we go!

Keep me accountable!

1. Organize and simplify my home

2. Grow in my knowledge and understanding of following Christ

3. Go to a professional sporting game

4. Completely finish renovating and decorating our home

5. Run a 5k

6. Run a 10k

7. Run a half marathon

8. Open up my home more often

9. Make a new friend

10. Plan and host a recipe exchange party

11. Get a chest freezer and stock it with my families needs so we can eat healthy already prepared meals more than grabbing fast food on those off days

12. Be Theo’s biggest cheerleader

13. Start growing a second child

14. Become certified foster parents and have foster children in our home

15. Go backpacking with Tera

16. Leave Tera with Grandma (or someone we trust just as much) for the night

17. Mentor a younger couple

18. Take Tera to the zoo

19. Do a sugar fast for at least a week

20. Pay it “backwards”, pay for someone in line behind me…for no good reason. Just because.

21. Go on a double date

22. Geocache

23. Get something pierced

24. Work hard at blogging with no “ulterior motives” such as gaining a following or making money

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