Pretty sure that all of my blog readers know about Tera…

And if you are a long-time blog reader since before Tera, you probably also know who Moose is….

But just in case you don’t know! Tera is my almost 10 month old daughter.

And Moose is my first-born, orange furball…our cat.

Moose has always had a huge personality. He was a playful kitten, and we took him everywhere, because we were bored and didn’t have any children to take up our time. He slept in our bed with us since he was a kitten. We got him a week after we got married, so he has been a part of our family unit since our family started.

Until Tera came along. He knew something was up when I was pregnant and he got kicked out of our bed. And then the fateful day arrived when we brought home this CREATURE. And then his life changed forever.

Moose never really liked Tera. He is always a people person, so he was always in whatever room the people were in…meaning he was always in the same room as Tera. But he never bonded with her, or hated her. He just didn’t know what to think and probably felt a little bit neglected….poor thing.

This picture was staged. It didn’t actually last very long.

Over the last few months, Moose has gotten used to having a baby around. He is not a fan, but he is so patient with her. Tera is on the move and he will let her catch him and then slowly mosey away (repeat the process 10 times).

Tera on the other hand thinks that Moose is the greatest thing since breast milk. She has a very determined crawl and her hands slap the floor SO loud while she puts her head down and screeches. No, I don’t mean baby talks. She does not go ‘ga ga da da da’ as she crawls across the floor. She goes “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeEEEEEEE” in the most high pitched voice you can imagine.

Once or twice I have seen Moose bat at her with his paw. Only once has he actually scratched. Each time I’ve seen him do it I personally think that she deserves it and I’m a big believer in letting her learn that the cat has had enough. He has never attached her or bitten her, and usually when he is batting at her he doesn’t use his claws. It’s like he knows he has to be gentle but he still wants to get his point across.

At 10 months old, Tera finally weighs as much as Moose. And like I said, she cannot get enough of him!


Going after that tail…


Moose claims that he doesn’t like her, but he is actually never far away from her. He certainly doesn’t make himself scarce. But he sure is loving this messy solid food stage! He enjoys eating all her spills and leftovers!


Getting Tera to eat is sometimes a distraction game. And the best distraction? Moose.

I plopped him right up on her high chair, just to see what would happen….


Tera was THRILLED and Moose just plopped right down, although he was a little bit annoyed by the sticky fingers that were pulling his fur!


I can’t wait to see how they interact as time goes on. I can’t wait for Tera to be old enough to learn how to treat the cat and then maybe the feelings will be mutual. Either way, I am so happy to have a cat that is so good with a baby!


  1. Brittany Moon says:

    Hey I normally browse your posts but havent taken the time to comment though Ive been meaning to, but wanted to say the ‘best thing since breast milk’ is hilarious. Definitely made me chuckle. Also do you not have the black cat anymore?

    • [email protected] says:

      haha, I chuckled to myself when I wrote that, too. Lol. The black cat was a little bit wild…so we let him be an outdoor cat 🙂 He actually prefers it that way, and it seems to work best for us, too!

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