Business Cards


About a month ago I decided to order business cards for this ‘ol blog of mine. At the time, it seemed like a great idea. 500 business cards! I could hand them out to people and then I’d get lots of blog followers! Yay! Click. Order.

Then they are arrived. And I was SO excited. So pretty! So fun! So exciting!

And then I realized that I had to get them to people. Like, hand my own blog card to a person. That made the depths of my soul want to curl up and die. So I still have all 500. Well, 499 since Tera chewed one up. I’ve debated dropping them on the floor in the store and maybe the right person will happen to pick them up. But I’m not even brave enough for that! There has been a couple instances where I have completely regretted NOT handing one to someone. Like the one time I ran into a Mom in the park. And we chatted for 30 minutes about our kids. And then I said ‘bye and will probably never see again. How perfect would it have been if I had been able to give her a card, and she can not only read my blog, but get in contact with me and maybe I could be a support and encouragement to her? Darn.

I guess I’m just not a very brave person…and that is why I don’t have a huge blog following. Hmmm.

ANYWAYS….I have 499 business cards with my blog name and blog contact information on them. Would you like one? Or two? Or three? Or do you know someone who would like one? I will mail it to you- with a personal letter enclosed. Who doesn’t like personal letters? You can feel free to drop them in the store if you don’t feel like talking to someone or handing them out. But seriously. I need the courage to hand these things out…even if it’s just to make sure that it wasn’t a waste of money to buy 500 business cards.

So. You have a job. Comment or send me a message or a text or something if you would like a business card or two. Oh, yeah…and a personal letter!

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