Tera Evelynne: 11 months


11 months.

I’m getting weepy. 11 months!!!!! Guys, my baby will be turning 1 in just 4 short weeks. I’m cutting out birthday invitations for her party. This is CRAZY!


Weight/Length: Tera is just under 17 pounds! I’m not sure of her length, but she seems pretty petite all around!



Eating: Tera is fully weaned and has all her milk through formula. However, she is an excellent eater. She eats whatever we are eating at meal time, and there is not many things that she turns away. However, she does have a stubborn streak and sometimes just chooses that she doesn’t want to eat something. It’s frustrating that she will love it one day, and hate it the next, but I guess that is all part of learning. She also has discovered that her food makes delightful sounds when it hits the ground. If only it was delightful cleaning the high chair and mopping the floor three times a day!

Her favorite food is cheese. 🙂


Sleeping: Tera is now a great sleeper! We have come so far, and I’m so proud (and generally well-rested). She goes to bed around 8, we wake her up for a dream feed around 11 and then she sleeps until 7:30 (give or take an hour). She takes two naps during the day still, and those range from 1-2 hours. I’m delighted with this stage of sleep!


Clothing/Diapers: Our itty-bitty is still in 6-9 month clothing and size 3 diapers. Sometime soon we will be transferring to 9 month clothes. Now whenever I’m buying clothes I have to remember that she is three months behind the curve and buy seasonally. So, next summer she will be in 12-18 months, assuming she stays petite.


Personality: This girl is a RIOT! She is a little stinker with a mind of her own. She is cute and smart and determined and stubborn and SOCIAL. That is the one word that I would use to describe her: social. Nap time can go by, it can be hot, she can be hungry….but she will not fuss if there are people around to watch. I think she might even be more social than me! She is also hilarious and I love watching her learn and explore the world around her. What a delight.




  • Moose
  • Being outside
  • Playing with Daddy
  • Swimming!
  • Reading books (especially her kitten book)
  • Bath time
  • Her pacifier (when is is no longer appropriate for a child to have one?)
  • Climbing the stairs
  • Stroller rides
  • Talking, talking, talking!!



  • Getting out of the bath
  • Getting her diaper changed/getting dressed (her attitude is literally, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”
  • Being alone with Mommy in the house all day

New Developments:


  • Two teeth have finally popped through!
  • Tera can climb up the stairs, and go down the stairs
  • She has learned how to pull herself up onto our bed (it is very low on the floor), and can even pull herself up onto the couch or a chair if she has even leverage to hoist herself.
  • When Tera is playing, she is very fascinated with putting smaller things inside bigger. She will put her toys inside a box and then pull them all out, or put the clothespins into a box and then pull them out. It’s fascinating to watch!
  • Still not even interested in walking or standing on her own. She is a really fast crawler and I think she is perfectly content to get herself there crawling.

Mommy and Daddy:
Theo and I are doing well. June was a month of traveling for me, with a trip to Michigan and a trip to Florida, followed by our vacation up north. July is a crazy month for Theo as his orientation to a new job started, and it is essentially boot camp every day. I’m just lucky he gets to come home to sleep at night! We are very thankful for this new job and the opportunities that it will bring.

And a fun blooper:


Ready for a sneeze! Hahahahaha!

Enough of this, Mom! I’m outta here!


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  1. Nancy says:

    She is SOOOO adorable!!! I love every picture and every detail down to the laundry drying in the background. It just makes it feel homey and summery. What are the guy wires/tower thing?

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